Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby #2 in Feb. 7th 2014

I am not almost 14 weeks along!  We are waiting for DNA testing to come back in 2-3 weeks to tell us the gender.  I am AMA (advanced Maternal Age) now so I get all this extra testing.  I wonder if I get a badge for that now?  Doubt it... lol... Next think I know AARP will be sending me letters.  :-)

We are expecting another bundle of joy.  This was at 11weeks

Our 12 week Facebook Announcement

Getting the above picture of Annabelle my lovely 16 month old (at the time) was not so easy.  These are some of the images that just didn't make the cut.

The last one is so funny because you can tell that she was not having this any more.

First Trimester

This time around I was very tired!  I am not a napper but I did very often take naps while Annabelle was napping and the house just didn't stay as clean as I like.  Partly because I was tired and partly because I have a almost one a half year old who's main goal each day is to take out all her toys and be sure to spill something at least once.

I was pretty much in shock when we found out in June because I really didn't think we had got it that month.  It could be that we started trying in March with no success until May.  I guess God wanted me to have another baby right around Annabelle's Birthday.  I am due 2/7/14 and Annabelle's B-day is 3/3/12.  Annabelle was originally due in Feb. but she was so comfy she just hung out a week longer.

I did have some nausea and some really strong food aversions to the smell of fresh bread and veggies.

My back pain was so bad that I finally am getting help through PT which is making things feel so much better!  The place I am going to teaches you how to fix yourself which is what I need for the future as this back pain will be with me for my whole life.

Everyone is very excited for a new addition to our family.  We are too but some days when Annabelle is acting up Jerry and I just look at each other like we are going to do this again?  Yup we are and I think this time we will be better prepared for what to expect.

Second Trimester is underway and my energy is coming back.  I have started my anti depression meds up again today because I couldn't take the extreme low I was in any more and my Dr. said it would be for the best.  Heres to hoping I get back to being my go getter energetic self again!