Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bad Day...

Last night I did stay in bed almost all night except for my usual 3am bathroom break.  But when I woke up I still felt exhausted, but why I mean I actually was in bed all night.  Oh well got to push through it I thought and got up and got ready for work.

Jerry made our breakfast and we sat to eat our oatmeal.  I couldn't finish it all (tummy is smaller than usual).  As I was sitting down getting ready to put on my shoes all of a sudden my stomach felt tight and not so good.  I told Jerry I am not feeling so good.  Then ut oh I felt like breakfast was coming back up.  I ran off to the bathroom and sure enough it all came back up.  Jerry was great and he held my hair back and got me a wet towel for my face to calm me down.  He is the best!

If I wasn't tired before that (which I was) now I was very worn out.  My stomach even though it was now empty still didn't feel well.  So I had to make the choice to put my health ahead of going to work (to me there is no choice there), even though I had a busy day ahead of me.  

After updating people at work and moving meetings around.  I had some ginger ale to calm down my tummy and I laid down on the couch and ended up falling asleep for almost 2hrs.  Normally I don't nap, so when I woke up I knew I must of needed it.  

I spent most of the day in a fog and did a lot of resting.  I had a light lunch to make sure I could keep it down and I did, so tomorrow I don't think I will have oatmeal for breakfast.  But really I don't know what caused this.  

Thankfully this is coming to an end because I will be 9 months pregnant on Friday and all I want to do is rest and get to the point when she comes but it seems I can't do that because I still working, still getting ready for her to come, still having to do this and that.  I think people forget that I am very close to 9 months pregnant because my body type isn't one to have a BIG round belly (frustrating). 

Every day it seems to get harder but it will be well worth it!

Friday, January 20, 2012

35 Weeks - Baby Shower!

Story of Baby Shower #2

On Fridays I work from home.  Today I had got up and taken a shower and put on my "comfy" cloths without doing my hair or working (what's the point I am just sitting in the house all day).  Jerry and I had breakfast and off to work he went.  At about 11am I get a message from Jerry that I need to go to the baby shower at his work.  Ok I knew they had planned a shower but never was told what day or time.  So I was totally confused, I asked so what day and time is it (thinking it was maybe next week he was talking about).  The phone rings and Jerry says I am on my way to get you (he had taken my car to work), huh?  Still confused "is it today? is it now?" I ask him.  

"Yes I am so sorry I didn't realize that it was today until just now" Jerry said.  

Oh great! So I finish up what I was doing for work and "run" (pregnant woman don't run) up stairs to get ready.  I quickly do my hair and make-up and Jerry got home as I was doing my make-up.  He helps me by ironing my pants.  I get dressed then out the door we go for lunch at his work (only took me 20 minutes to get ready, pretty good I think).

We arrived at his office and they had a big spread of all kinds of yummy food and they had decorated the room so nicely.  

The wonderful cake they had made!
They even had a cake made to match the invitations, very cute cake and it tasted yummy too!  It was nice to meet all of Jerry's co-workers.

After eating lunch it was time to open some gifts and have some cake.

We got lots of good things and I was so surprised that everyone did so much for us.  
Jerry and I Opening Gifts
The yummy cake
We then had some of that wonderful, yummy cake!  It was even as pretty on the inside of the cake as it was on the outside!

The funniest thing was everyone thought I would be really frustrated and made because I had to rush to get there, but that isn't the type of person I am.  I would never be mad when others were trying to do something nice for us.  It was an honest mistake that Jerry missed the date and time when he reviewed the invitations.  We are very grateful for the time his co-workers put into putting together the shower and to celebrate our little Annabelle.  I had been thinking for some time that we wouldn't even have a shower at all being our family is not around here but instead we had two with our work families.  

A special thank you goes out to Marilyn who worked so very hard to put together the shower, we truly appreciate all of the hard work she put into it.  What a great day!  Oh and I did return home after lunch and went right back to work as I am trying to wrap things up before little Annabelle decides to arrive.

All of the wonderful gifts we got, including a Target $100 gift card.


Monday, January 16, 2012

34 Weeks, Baby Class and Doula Home Visit

34 Weeks
On Friday we hit our 34 week mark and we are very excited about it.  We had a Dr. appointment and I really like the Dr. we met with on Friday.  She showed Jerry how feel for the baby and how to know where her head, back and little bum is.  He loves knowing that he can feel for her and we joke that she in there going "Why are you rubbing my bum?"  LOL

Little Annabelle is head down and laying on her side facing to the left.  She is not able to move as much any more but I can feel her little hands and feet move around a bit.  Last night I think Jerry startled her when he was cleaning the garbage disposal and turned it on with ice in it.  As soon as he turned it on it felt like she jumped and kicked her feet out, he he he he.  You would think she hears so much in there that something like that wouldn't effect her but it was to funny that as soon as he did that I felt bam, bam, bam on my ribs...

Walking is getting harder on my feet and I am having hip pain when I sit for a long time and then get up.  Last night I had really bad sharp pains in my lower back when I tried to stand up and Jerry had to massage it before I could get up.

But as far as over all pregnancy goes we are doing well just very tired all the time and I feel like I don't have time or energy to get everything done that we need to.  I am also only getting 2 mayyybeee 3 full nights of sleep a week, other wise like tonight I am up every 2-3 hrs and end up down stairs on the couch watching TV.   Usually that makes me feel like crud the next day.  But she will be here soon!!!

Baby Class
On Saturday Jerry and I went to an all day (8:30-5) baby class at the hospital.  It was a lot of information for one day and where I didn't sleep well the night before I found myself yawning often and so did Jerry.  The class went over everything from the stages of labor to infant care.  The part I was looking forward to the most was seeing the maternity ward and seeing an example of a delivery room.  The hospital is very nice and doesn't smell like a hospital and the rooms are private and comfortable.  It really helped me relax seeing the room and knowing what we need to do when we go there.

The instructor was great but I am thinking that maybe taking the couple day version might of been helpful to break it up some.  It really made for a long day.

Doula Home Visit
Yesterday 2 of our Doulas came to our home to visit and talk to us.  We got to meet Bonny who was out helping a mother deliver a baby when we went to meet the Doulas for the first time and she was very nice.  Poor Kristy blew her tire hitting the curb outside or house and had to keep running outside to meet the road side service.  No biggy.

We went over our birth wishes with them and talked about situations.  Honestly I don't know how I will be when I am in labor but Jerry thinks I will want to be left alone (cave mom), we will see.  I don't mean alone as in no one with me more in no one talk to me or touch me, but this is much different than any pain I have had before so I am sure I will react a little different.

Everything is falling into place and we can't wait for little Annabelle to be here!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What a Surprise!!

Story of Surprise Shower

Last Night:  First let me say that last night I didn't sleep so well after waking up at 2am to Jerry snoring (he doesn't usually snore) and our smoke detector outside our bedroom doing that annoying BEEP... 2 sec.... BEEP.... REPEAT over and over and over again.  Needless to say getting back to sleep and staying asleep wasn't going to happen.  So I got up and figured if I went down to the living room and turned on the TV that would drowned out the BEEP... BEEP, no such luck.  I would dose of a bit just to wake up 15 minutes later to the BEEP.

Why is it smoke detector batteries always die in the middle of the night?

Finally it dawned on me that I had ear plugs in my nightstand and that would be just the trick to stop the constant sound of that annoying smoke detector BEEP.  So at 4:30am I went back upstairs and put my ear plugs in and went fast asleep until that annoying thing called an alarm went off at 6:30am.  Needless to say with a night of interrupted "sleep" if you can call it sleep I wasn't feeling so well in the morning.  But I had a busy day at work ahead of me and knew I had to get going.  The funny thing is Jerry (who knew about this shower today) was saying that it was to bad I couldn't stay home today (he knew I wouldn't even if he told me I should).

The point is I almost didn't make it to the office today, if it wasn't for my very busy day and lack of having my work computer at home.  I might not have been in the office.

The Shower:  Today as I mentioned above I had a day full of meetings so I really didn't notice people disappearing all at the same time around 1pm or that Danielle totally got me to move away from the office were the gifts were by having me walk to the cafe with her earlier in the day.  I was totally oblivious!

I was in a meeting until 12:30pm then I shoveled down my lunch and went off to a meeting room to meet up with Danielle and Chuck at 1pm.  Chuck and I were sitting in the room waiting for Danielle, chatting about our project when we were like "hmmm where is Danielle it is 9 past."  So I shot her an IM to see if we were still meeting and she said her last meeting ran over and would we mind coming up to the room she was in?  I joked with Chuck "Oh sure make the pregnant woman move" said with a laugh.

So Chuck and I went upstairs and headed towards the conference room and as Chuck passed the one I thought she would be in to head to another one I was confused but still had no clue.  Until I rounded the corner and I then was thinking "Why is Danielle in the room with... Oh wait that's baby stuff...".  LOL I was totally surprised, I had no idea.

We got lots of GREAT things for little Annabelle!  They did so much and they even got us a diaper bag with Annabelle's Monogram along with some things I even didn't think of.  We played the classic melted chocolate in a diaper game (I am not so good at guessing my melted candies).   Danielle had even got us a cake with little roses on it for (Annabelle Rose), it was a very yummy cake!

Danielle also brought in the BIG storage bin of hand me down clothes ranging from 3 to 12 months (love hand me downs).  The outfits are so cute, man Annabelle is going to be better dressed than her mom and dad. 

Today was a GREAT day even with all the meetings (which went well I might add)!  A BIG thank you to my work family and to my wonderful husband who kept this all a secret!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year! Check out this big giveaway!

Check out this big giveaway on "After the Bump" Blog!!!

Our Weekend:
We had a nice long weekend and made some headway on getting organized in this house.  After being in the home for almost a year it has taken us some time to figure out what we wanted to do for decorating and taken some time to save up some money to buy those "nice to have" items.

On Saturday we had our new couch for our formal living room delivered.  It is a brown leather couch with nail heads in it.  It isn't 100% leather and we found it on clearance for $499!!!  The couch is very comfy and for as much as it will be used it will do the trick.  The formal room is going to a reading/play room; I know those don't go together to well so I am guessing it will be more of a playroom.  We saw a chair today at Sams club that was in the clearance section that is 100% leather that would like nice in there but it isn't necessary right now and we will wait until we save up for what we want.

We also got our bonus room cleaned up and made room for my photography studio equipment, Woohooo.  I ordered a posing puck off Etsy to have a place to setup little Annabelle for pictures and now I have my lights all out and my backdrop stand ready to go.  All I need now are some cute little knit headbands and hats and white textured fabric or blanket.

Gifts for Annabelle:  My sister sent Annabelle a cute little bib that says something to the effect of  "My Aunt is Hot and Single".  LOL... My Mom and Step dad sent her the "A child's Gift of Lullabyes" CD and a little book.  Thanks Mom and Holly we love the gifts!

How am I feeling?:
I am having a hard time sleeping for long periods of time.  I seem to sleep for 2-3 hrs then wake to go pee or because I am hungry.  My hip flexors really hurt today and when I stand up it takes me a few minutes to get going and then the pain stops.  My feet of course hurt from the extra weight and I feel plump.  I am feeling ok considering that I am 32 weeks 3 days pregnant.  I am very tired all the time though and so not looking forward to returning to the office tomorrow after the productive 3 day weekend.

Happy 2012 to you all and may this year be full of blessings!