Nursery Pictures Start to Finish

Completed Nursery Tour:

OOPS:  I just noticed in the video I said I posted a picture of the video on ETSY I meant to say on PINTREST, oops.

Inspiration Room:
I had seen Sarah's House on TV a while ago and I loved this room.
As you see below we did the painting already and we plan to do the
the white molding between the paint colors and the alphabet letters.  But not much
else from the room.  We want to have a nature room.

Painting the Nursery:
This is the room before we painted it

This is after we painted the ceiling a light sky blue and
brought that down the wall and the rest is a tan colore
Progress Room Pictures:
9/18/11 the dresser and nightstand are together and the crib is all together
we got the decal up and the butterflies are handing.   It's a good start!

We got this wall decal to go on the wall and arch over the crib.
It really is very large and takes up almost the whole wall.
We have it up now but the picture above is from the web site not from the room.
I ordered these letters from an Etsy store today,
Jerry and I will paint them and put them up around the room.  Yay!
This is the mobile we ordered for our little one from Pottery Barn Kids

I ordered the large one to go on the wall over the changing pad so Annabelle can
 look at herself whiling getting changed (Pottery Barn Kids)
Jerry found this Graco Sarah Classic 4-in-1 Convertible Crib
on Amazon for a reasonable price so we ordered
The crib sheets I ordered on clearance from Pottery Barn Kids finally came in
after being on back order for months (I thought it was a girl and I really
liked these and they were on sale so I got them without knowing if it was a girl or a boy)
The hand made quilt I made for little Annabelle!  This is in place of purchasing
an expensive bedding set and to me it has so much more meaning!
This is Quilt 2 after Quilt one kind of fell apart in the wash (I fixed it but still didn't
look as good any more so I made this new one that I love).  
Nov. 20th we have put and painted the molding and finished the  letters and put those up.

Can you see the little birdies I added?

This wall is not done just yet but I did make her a hair bow holder out of an old
note message board I had laying around. 
I bought this quilt shelf on Etsy and I painted it white.  Now we have a picture frame over it and a piggy bank on the shelf.
The rocker now shits in front of the window next to the night stand.

This is were her rocker will go once get one :-)