Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finished the Quilt!

After realizing that buying an expensive nursery bedding set was a waste of money I decided to visit and order a quilt kit for under $30.

After putting together the quilt per the instructions I really felt I needed to put on a pink silky binding around the edge.  With that said I finally sat down today and put the binding together and on the quilt.  I would love to say it was simple but I did learn a few lessons in this process.  One of them was to cut the binding fabric larger than 2 inches in width, especially when the quilt was a little on the thicker side.  The other was to add about 15 extra inches to the binding length (I added 10 inches and it was do able, but at the time I wished I had some extra when it came to joining the to ends of the binding).  The last lessons is to watch out for the darn pins, ouch!! hahaha

Now presenting Annabelle's quilt made by her Mommy's very own hands.  Can you tell I am proud?!

23 Weeks

On Friday we reached the 23 week mark, she will be here before we know it.  I am starting to feel like I look more pregnant every day and my feet are encountering some major swelling at the end of the work day (I would take a picture one day but I don't want you all to be grossed out.. LOL).

I am starting to feel her move around which is a great feeling but also odd at times (still kind of amazed to think there is a little human in there).  Jerry felt her move last night and he was thrilled because he has not really felt her move at all.

These days I am considerable more tired even though I fall asleep around 9:30pm.  I also seem to have the "pregnancy brain" as usually I am sharp as a tack when it comes to some things and lately I feel like I am in my own way.  It's ok, it's my turn to relax lord only knows it might be the last time for a long time.

My sister was in town and she just left yesterday.  It was great having her around and we miss her already.  I feel horrible we didn't get to show her around NC more as both of us had to work, but I think she enjoyed just relaxing at home during the day.  Yesterday she had to fly into a snow store and I am so happy she made it home safe and sound (for a while there it looked like no one was going to brave the snow to pick her up at the airport but my step dad finally did and got her 2hrs after her flight landed - what a long day).

We have not purchased anything new for Annabelle but before Holly left her and I put together the arms reach bassinet and that was pretty easy.  We are probably going to wait till Dec. to do any more major shopping unless something is on a more sale.

17 WEEKS TO GO!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Baby Gear Shopping

This weekend we picked up a few things for our little one.  We originally went to the store to get the breast pump and bouncy seat along with the bassinet; however the Babies R Us near us didn't have the breast pump in stock and now I can't find the bouncy seat either.

Instead we picked up the swing and bassinet along with a few small things like a few bottles and 2 pacifiers.  We also found her some outfits and a crib skirt.

Here are some pictures of the big items we got:

We are getting there on the big item purchase list.   I hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, October 21, 2011

22 Weeks and Dr. Apt.

Today we hit our 22 week mark, can you say now I feel like time is starting to fly by.  We had a Dr. apt today to check on Annabelle and listen to her heart.  I am measuring on track and her little heart was pumping away.  I even felt her move while the Dr. was pressing the Doppler on my belly.  I then I got my flu shot and had some blood drawn to check on my thyroid.

I did gain more weight but I think I gained like 10-15 so far (I'm not tracking it).  Tonight I was definitely feeling "rounder" as I walked around (or as Jerry says hobbled around) the grocery store (bum knee and all).

I think I am getting close to being able to feel her move more regularly but the Dr. did tell me with my placenta in the front I won't feel her as much as others right now because she is still so tiny.

Tomorrow my sister is flying in for the week to spend some time with us and see how she likes NC. It will be great to have her here for the week, I just feel bad that we have to work all week so we won't be able to take her around places during the week.  I think she is looking forward to just relaxing anyways so it will be good.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

21 Week Check In

On Friday we hit the 21 week mark (not as big of a mile stone as 20 weeks but every week is one more week closer to meeting Annabelle).  She is now about the size of a carrot (10.5 inches long).  I am still not really feeling her move all that much, from time to time I think I feel her but I am not sure.

I have not gained a lot of weight, but I sure do feel like it.  I have a bum knee right now and my hands and feet have been swelling making walking a lot uncomfortable.  I had a few bad nights last week, waking up at 4am after going to sleep late and then having to go to work with only a few hours of sleep, never mind having to slowly walking into the office as not to pop my knee out.   I have had a lot on my mind and I think that has been keeping me up.  But this weekend our KING size mattress was delivered and that might help me stay asleep this week, now we are just waiting for our bed frame to get here in a couple of weeks.

How am I feeling?  I feel swollen as I mentioned my feet have been swollen and so are my hands.  I have been really tired, stressed and emotional.  I have a Dr. appointment this up coming week so let's see what my blood pressure is and hope it is still low as it was last time.  Every day I am just counting down the days to get us to January because I know everything will be so close then.   My only focus these days (besides my wonderful husband) is getting ready for Annabelle and keeping myself feeling good.  The week days with working is very exhausted and last week all I wanted to do was come home and put my feet up and ice my knee.

What's New?  This weekend Jerry and I got a lot done around the house (by gosh it is starting to look like people live here.. LOL).  My husband ROCKS and he was able to pick up my slack.  As I mentioned before we got our king size mattress delivered so we now have our old bed in our guest room and we put up pictures and curtains in there also, heck now we can have guests!

We also put up curtains in our bedroom along with some wall art.  Jerry is a the best and he changed out our shower heads in both bathrooms (guest room didn't have one because the prior one was broken).  He also hung up a shelf in the bathroom we have had for some time and just never got around to hanging it.  Aaaaa now our master really is starting to feel like a nice bedroom.  We should have our new bed frame in a 2-3 weeks as it is being made at Bassett right now... we are very excited about that.

We also picked up the molding that will go around Annabelle's room between the 2 wall colors, it is going to look so good.  We will need to get that molding up and sand and paint the alphabet letters to go around her room.

We are getting there!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Halfway Mark & Gifts for Annabelle

20 Weeks:  I can't hardly believe it we have reached the halfway mark.  It seems like just yesterday we were just counting down the days to get to 12 weeks and here we are now at a major milestone.

Annabelle is now 10 inches from head to heel and weighting about 10.5 ounces about the size of a banana.

I am feeling great pregnancy wise.  I still feel like I just look fat and not pregnant but I am sure in the next few weeks as Annabelle grows larger that my belly will get rounder.  I have however twisted my knee which has made it swell and hard to walk.  Tonight we went and got me a knee brace so that I don't continue to pull the muscles when trying to get around, other than that I have been keeping off it and making sure to ice it on and off.

While on vacation visiting family my Dad and Step Mom gave us some money as a gift so we could get Annabelle a mattress and a few additional things (seeing as though we flew there and back it would of been hard to take back any large gifts).  So tonight we went picked up our gifts!

We got a bathtub, changing table pad, breathable bumper,
sound machine and changing table pad cover

Thank You Dad and Sheri!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pictures from Our Vacation

I have already showed you but Annabelle received while on our recent trip to New England but I would like to share with you some pictures from our adventure.

These are 2 of my nieces the day we went apple picking in Maine

Jerry catching apples from my niece

Eating Lobster on the wharf in Bar Harbor Maine

My Dad and Step Mom on the wharf

This is my sister who lives in CT on our trip to Sturbridge Village

This is my mom at Sturbridge Village

Us down in Newport releasing butterflies to celebrate our
recent marriage and our little Annabelle who is coming soon

Look at them fly...

My sister Holly found a friend
And I had a friend too

This a butterfly that was a little sleepy to fly away

Jerry and I in Newport by the water

My Sister by the water

My hubby!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Gifts While On Vacation

WE ARE BACK..........  Boy it feels good to be home after traveling for 10 days.  We had a very nice trip and we got to see a lot of family.  We started off in Maine and worked our way down through Mass and Connecticut.   Along the way we got to go apple picking, visit Boothbay Harbor ME, see Old Sturbridge Village in MA, release butterflies in Newport RI and visit the Breakers Mansion in Newport.  We also got to see a lot of my family and spend time with them prior to our little pumpkins arrival.

Our family gave us some wonderful gifts for our little pumpkin and we were so excited about each and every gift.  I took some pictures to show you the wonderful and thoughtful gifts we received.
This was a gift from my Dad and Step Mom.  They also gave us a mattress
for the crib, we just need to go pick it up next weekend.

Love this shirt "I'm a Keepah!"  for those of you not from New England
this is a play on the northern accent.

My Nieces, Sister In Law and Brother gave Annabelle some really cute
outfits (my sister in law said she was in an elephant phase, so cute)

My Auntie Vickie gave us this oh so tiny outfit and a bracelet.
She gave us the bracelet because my grandmother (who has passed) always gave
a bracelet and she wanted to pass on that tradition.  Can I just say these tights are the cutest ever! 

My Mom and Step Dad got Annabelle some sleepers, swadel blanket,
an oh so cute towel. 

This is a very nice gift from my Mom and Step Dad for Annabelle

My sister got Annabelle some much needed onsies and the cuties summer outfit.
She also got her a blanket like she had as a child (she loved her blankie) and the cutest
tiny slippers.

Jerry and I picked up a few things for Annabelle while shopping
in Boothbay Harbor and Newport RI

This is a christening outfit my Auntie Estel gave to me to use for Annabelle.
This outfit was warn my Mom, Auntie Estel and their two brothers.  I love
things with meaning, I just hope she can fit in it when we have her baptised as it is tiny.

We found this perfect hand made night light for Annabelle's room, don't you love it?