Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Olivia's Birth Story

I love this picture I took

Olivia is a little gymnast and starting at 36 weeks she had flipped breech then head down then breech then head down then breech again. A c-section was scheduled for 40 weeks in the event she remained breech but our hope was that she would flip again.  Even my OB didn't want me to have a c-section because she was so small and I had already had a vaginal delivery with Annabelle that he expected delivery wouldn't be hard.  

At my 39 weeks +3 day appointment I was praying she was head down again. I had been having contractions the day before and through the night but they where mild but it still gave me hope my body was going to do what it needed to get her out safe and sound.  
First I was hooked up to the NST and we got the HB high so I wasn't hopeful for her to be flipped at that point. But my Dr. checked me and I had not only made progress to 1.5cm and 50% but he felt a HEAD! He said "I feel a head or she has a really boney butt."  Relief and excitement came across on both my face and Jerry's. We both feared a c-section because of the long recovery time and Jerry's work not offering any time off for paternity leave.

My Dr. sent me over to have an ultrasound and ultrasound confirmed it, she was head down! I said to my Dr. "Can we induce while we can catch her head down?"  "Yes, with your history of BP issues and you having made progress you are definitely inducible."  You see she had plenty of fluid to move and she was projected to be 6 lbs. So she could flip again if given the chance.  because it gave us time to get a good lunch and dinner, shower, and put our 23 month old to bed for my Mom.  Before heading home after the Dr. visit Jerry and I headed to one of our local restaurants that isn't kid friendly for a nice lunch then we drove to our accountants to drop off our tax documents (phew I got those ready in the nick of time).  Then we headed home to spend time with my Mom and Annabelle and to get cleaned up and ready.  These 

I was sent home with a 7pm - 11pm window for a phone call from the hospital for my induction. This was great we got to go eat lunch at a nice restaurant and get ready to go to the hospital.
The night of 39 weeks 3 days

We got the call at 9:30pm to come in. 

11:00pm my Dr. Inserted a foley (sp) bulb to ripen my cervix.  Once the foley bulb is in it isn't that bad but my God it hurt getting it in.  Honestly I don't remember it hurting like that the first time but then again you kind of forget things from one pregnancy to the next. 
still smiling… for now

1:22am the foley bulb actually burst and broke (not really something that happens often). My Dr. checked and I was 4cm and 75% and there was no need to put in another bulb. I was started on a low dose of pitocin for the rest of the night.  But this was both exciting but disappointing because my Dr. had ordered me a light breakfast for the morning but because they started the pitocin before expected my nurse told me I could not have breakfast :-(  But oh well!

8:00am they broke my water for me.  my Dr. commented on how much water I had but this was not a shock to me as we knew already she had lots of fluid.  
My Doula arrived that morning to help me through labor. She encouraged me to change positions every 30 mins. As the PIT was upped so did the strength of the contractions. But they where all in my belly and had peeks and breaks. With Annabelle my contractions were 4 humps with 1 min. breaks so this was nice to have actual contractions that went like I was told contractions would go.  But after hours of labor and now my contractions hurt so bad and where lasting longer. I asked to be checked and I was at 6cm. WHAT! That's it! I had labored for hours and it was now noon and I only progressed 2cm! I gave in and asked for an epidural against what I had hoped to do.  

Epi #1 the anesthesiologist took a while to come in and took a while to get in -  to have the epi FAIL!  He had left the room before making sure it kicked in too. 

I cried through contractions as I was so ready for a break and now I was put through the pain of an epi and nothing.  Now I had to lay on my back because I had this epidural in which made the contractions hurt worse.  My Doula kept trying to get me to open my eyes and to get me to stop crying.  She was good and told me "I know you so wanted relief and I am so sorry but you can do this."

Epi #2 a new anesthesiologist came in, again after a long wait.  Then more pain - FAILED this one my husband actually was allowed to hold me and I fought through contractions while being subjected to that again.  My Doula was allowed to remain in the room.   
Each Time I was told it would take effect in 10 mins then when it didn't the nurse had to page another anesthesiologist and I had to wait. After number 2 my nurse would say I'm so sorry through all of my contractions as I said "OOOOOMMMMMMMM" with my eyes shut so tight and my hand squeezing Jerry's so hard I just about turned his hand purple a few times.  The pain was was intense and I don't think I could even describe it in a way that would allow anyone to understand who hasn't been there before.  The only thing numb was my right thigh.  What good that was going to do for me, right? 

Epi #3 was done by the first anesthesiologist and this time it worked and again my husbanded was allowed to help me through the painful epi process.  As I tried to remain still while I was being pocked in the back with popping sounds from my spine in my head.  Then a ZAP down my left left.  I yelled "Left LEG" and the Dr. said in this case that is probably a good thing.  Because before they could only get my right thigh numb.  This one worked but it took away the pain but not the pressure.  She was already coming down.  

But..... I was now only 5 mins away from my daughter being born. I felt tones of pressure but the sharp pain was gone. My nurse took a break and had another nurse come in because they knew it would be fast. After saying I feel her coming down and my pressure was bad the nurse checked and I was 10cm 100% and her head was right there. 

She called for my original nurse and the Dr. because they knew I would deliver fast. Dr. Barrett rushed in got dressed and everyone worked to take apart the bed. My Dr. had two of us almost ready to pop but I was a second time mom so the bet was I would go first. I pushed 2 times an she was out in 2 mins. When I say I pushed 2 times it was more like one big long push with one breath in between.  

Olivia Grace was born at 2:56pm weighing 6lbs 5oz 20 inches long with a full head of hair. 

The day after

She was placed on my chest and my husband was able to cut the cord and she nursed right away. Her cord had two knots in the same place (double tree knot) ironically Annabelle had 2 knots in her cord too.  Both my Doula and the Dr. said this is very unusual to see and in fact she had never seen a double tree knot.  I have a picture of it but it isn't one I want to post online.   
Olivia is healthy and happy and we are all in love. I was up walking shortly after delivery and I had one stitch. My back hurts from the repeat epidurals and I'm black and blue. I have cramping when nursing but I will take that over a c-section recovery any day. 

This time around is much easier because I don't have a spinal headache. Plus I gained 10 lbs this time making things easier even though I'm still heavy.   3 weeks after i weigh 5 pounds less then i did when i got pregnant .

I took these in the hospital:

We are in love with our little Olivia. :)

My photographer friend Michelle St. John took these and I am so grateful!

Friday, January 31, 2014

My Gymnast - Pregnancy Update 39 weeks

39 Weeks - Yesterday I went in for a regular weekly checkup and NST on Olivia.  She passed her NST with flying colors.  I fully expected the Dr. to tell me I was progressing when he did my cervical check but instead he said I was hardly even a finger tip dilated and he couldn't feel a head at all.  He said "Are you sure she was head down last week?"

"Yes it was confirmed with an ultrasound" I told him.

You see my little Olivia flipped breech at 36 weeks then back to head down at 38 weeks.  Last week she looked pretty low and locked in but she still had a lot of fluid.

The Dr. wanted me to go to ultrasound to see if she was head down and not engaged or if she had flipped breech again.  Sure enough that little stinker had flipped once again to breech and her head was up in my right rib.

Our options:

1) Try to flip her from the outside - NO WAY! I hear this hurts and it isn't always a guarantee they will stay and it could put the baby in distress which would lead to an emergency c-section.

2) Schedule a C-section but still come in on Monday to see if she flipped and if so cancel the C-section.  Also check before the C-section to see if she flipped and if she did decide to either go forward with the C-section or wait for nature.

We went with option #2.  I suppose there would be a third option to just wait and see what position she was in when I went into labor on my own but for me that presents far to many risks.  My baby girl is little and with my first I went from 4cm to 10cm very fast and she came shooting out.  I would rather not risk her life should she still be breech when I go into labor.  Now that's not to say it won't happen between now and Friday (C-section is scheduled for my due date Feb. 7th) but where my first was over due and I am showing no signs of progression I probably won't go into labor before then.

C-Section Feelings:

I have mixed feelings on having a c-section.  On one hand I have had a vaginal delivery with Annabelle and besides the pitocen and the horrible spinal headache everything went smoothly.  The likely hood this one would be pretty is easy because she is small is pretty likely.  My recovery also would be far more manageable.

On the other hand with a c-section I know when it's happening and I know my Mom will be here for 2 weeks after to help.  But the recovery time is far longer and let's face it, it is major surgery.  I hate to be confined to one floor of my house and I am concerned about what happens after my Mom leaves because I will have very little help because Jerry needs to work.

My worst fear is she flips head down on Monday and we cancel the C-section then she flips breech again and I go past my due date and end up with a C-section any ways with far less help because my Mom has to leave on the 22nd.

I'm hoping recovery is not as hard as I am thinking it will be and I pray I do not get an infection.

The Good News:

Olivia is doing great and like I said she is projected to be 6 lbs. at 40 weeks with a full head of hair.  We could see her hair on the ultrasound and she had this big halo around her.

I have also only gained 10 pounds!  I am very very proud of myself because even though I am still very much overweight I am not as bad off as I could be after Olivia is born.  I attribute this to Annabelle keeping me busy and wanting to eat my food and to my continued use of my Wellbutrin from the second trimester on.

I have had some blood pressure issues during this pregnancy but they seem to correct themselves and then pop up just slightly at my last appointment.

Well my next post will probably be to introduce Olivia!  I will leave you with a picture.

This was taken at my baby shower (I'm second from the left).  These are all my pregnant friends.

Say a prayer for me that all goes well!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Olivia's Nursery

It's not 100% done yet but I wanted to share some pictures.

Quilt - Queen size rag quilt hand made by me.
Wall Art - Wall Decal I found on ETSY
Crib Sheets - Made by me with 2 yrs of fabric per sheet
Shelf - Found it on Craig's List it is a Pottery barn shelf
Book Shelf - Found it on Craig's List it is a Pottery Barn book shelf
Crib - Not expensive and got it on Amazon
Dresser - Not expensive and got it at Ikea
Crib Skirt - It is reused from my older DD room and got it from Pottery Barn
Art over Crib - Matching fabric to the quilt in looms along with an "O" my sister purchased for Olivia

The floor lamp is being replaced with a hanging light.

The glider is in our room right now but it will go where the ball is.

The changing table pad will go on the dresser.

Friday, October 18, 2013

24 Weeks - Name

YIKES!!!!  Already?!

My goodness this pregnancy is going so much faster then my first.

We have decided to turn the guest room into this babies room that way should one of us need to get a good night sleep one of us can sleep with her in her room.  Plus my Mom is coming to help out and where the baby will be in my room for the first few weeks it won't matter if my Mom is in the guest room.

We have a name but I have not told all of the family yet as I have not had a chance to.  So maybe next post I will tell you.  But it is super cute just like Annabelle is.

I have put on 10 pounds this time around but I started with an extra 10 this time.  I think I am doing well and I am hoping to keep it in check this time around.  I still don't really look pregnant and that is always the hardest part for me.

I have got my morning sickness in check and discovered it was my medication that was making me ill so now I just wait to take it until lunch.

I am currently working on fall photo sessions and working on a queen size quilt for the queen bed in the babies room.  Boy a queen quilt is so much harder then a baby size quilt!  lol

Happy Halloween from myself and my crazy toddler

Friday, October 4, 2013

What I have been up to!

So I have not been posting on here as much as I did with Annabelle and that's because I have my hands full.

I revamped my photography site and I am in my busy session for Christmas fall photos.  Plus my husband has to do a lot of traveling for work this month so it's just me and the very active 18 month old Annabelle.

My Web Site:

I am now 22 weeks along and I have started to feel the little baby girl (still can't agree on a name) fluttering away in there.  I have managed to keep the weight gain to 9 pounds so far but I was hoping for less.  Because I know come the end is when the real baby weight comes.

Annabelle got here first real boo boo today.  She was made at me because I wouldn't put Sesame St. on because frankly Mommy had had enough Elmo for the time being.  So after her attempts to climb over me to get to the remote failed she went running off into the front room.  I must of forgot to latch the gate to the stairs and the next thing I hear is a thud and then her crying (really crying).  So I run into the room to find her coming from stairs area crying so hard.

She must of only gone up a few steps and then lost her footing and fell because other than a knot on her forehead (thank god for bangs) and a little redness near her eye she was ok.  Yes I know the Mother of the Month Award goes to ME!  Well like Jerry said this won't be her last boo boo in her life either.  I'm just grateful she didn't make up further.  Honestly I don't know what she did because she is very good at crawling up the stairs my only guess is she tried to stand up or something.  Lately she has wanted us to hold her hand so she can walk up.  Poor thing she was so upset.

Mommy fixed it though with a messy lunch of yogurt that I let her feed herself and a nice warm bath before nap time.

Ahhhhh my days are an adventure at times.  I hope everyone is doing well.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's a.........

We found out on Tuesday at our level two ultrasound that not only is baby healthy but we are having another little girl.  We would of loved either a boy or a girl but I think it is special for Annabelle to have a little sister.
Annabelle is 18 Months Old

Yes they will probably fight like cats and dogs as teenagers but for now I live in my bliss that they will be best friends.

18 weeks already!  Can you believe how fast this one is going?  I don't feel as though I have anything lined up to be ready at all.  I mean my house doesn't even get fully clean these days with a toddler running around and getting into everything.

The half way mark will be here before you know it.

Funny thing is I am 18 weeks and Annabelle just hit 18 months old.  She is a little ham and growing so fast.  Today while I was getting sick (as usual) she came over and rubbed my leg and said ahhh as Jerry rubbed my back.  She is such a cutie pie.  When I was blowing my nose she came over and gave me a kiss because she knows I have been sick with a sinus thing and plus the nausea from her sister.

She is working on trying to talk more but Cheese sounds like Cheeeeezeee and Tubby Tuuuuubbbbyyyy.  But she can say Hi, Bye bye, Daddy, Book (booook), Ut Oh, Shoes and a few other small things that are just not coming to my head right now.

She has 4 molars in and her top and bottom front set of teeth are in.  She seems to be working on some more teeth too.

Oh my gosh I forgot (how could I forget) her obsession with Sesame St. and Elmo (Emmoooo).  She will run and get the remote and bring it to me saying Emoooooooo.  She is an addict!  LOL  We even had to get a DVD player for the car so she would stop whining during our 8 hr road trip last weekend.  Toddlers + Car Seat + Long Drive = Frustrated Parents

I can't believe in a few short months we will have 2 little girls!  But I am excited about it and I look forward to watching them grow up.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby #2 in Feb. 7th 2014

I am not almost 14 weeks along!  We are waiting for DNA testing to come back in 2-3 weeks to tell us the gender.  I am AMA (advanced Maternal Age) now so I get all this extra testing.  I wonder if I get a badge for that now?  Doubt it... lol... Next think I know AARP will be sending me letters.  :-)

We are expecting another bundle of joy.  This was at 11weeks

Our 12 week Facebook Announcement

Getting the above picture of Annabelle my lovely 16 month old (at the time) was not so easy.  These are some of the images that just didn't make the cut.

The last one is so funny because you can tell that she was not having this any more.

First Trimester

This time around I was very tired!  I am not a napper but I did very often take naps while Annabelle was napping and the house just didn't stay as clean as I like.  Partly because I was tired and partly because I have a almost one a half year old who's main goal each day is to take out all her toys and be sure to spill something at least once.

I was pretty much in shock when we found out in June because I really didn't think we had got it that month.  It could be that we started trying in March with no success until May.  I guess God wanted me to have another baby right around Annabelle's Birthday.  I am due 2/7/14 and Annabelle's B-day is 3/3/12.  Annabelle was originally due in Feb. but she was so comfy she just hung out a week longer.

I did have some nausea and some really strong food aversions to the smell of fresh bread and veggies.

My back pain was so bad that I finally am getting help through PT which is making things feel so much better!  The place I am going to teaches you how to fix yourself which is what I need for the future as this back pain will be with me for my whole life.

Everyone is very excited for a new addition to our family.  We are too but some days when Annabelle is acting up Jerry and I just look at each other like we are going to do this again?  Yup we are and I think this time we will be better prepared for what to expect.

Second Trimester is underway and my energy is coming back.  I have started my anti depression meds up again today because I couldn't take the extreme low I was in any more and my Dr. said it would be for the best.  Heres to hoping I get back to being my go getter energetic self again!