Sunday, December 22, 2013

Olivia's Nursery

It's not 100% done yet but I wanted to share some pictures.

Quilt - Queen size rag quilt hand made by me.
Wall Art - Wall Decal I found on ETSY
Crib Sheets - Made by me with 2 yrs of fabric per sheet
Shelf - Found it on Craig's List it is a Pottery barn shelf
Book Shelf - Found it on Craig's List it is a Pottery Barn book shelf
Crib - Not expensive and got it on Amazon
Dresser - Not expensive and got it at Ikea
Crib Skirt - It is reused from my older DD room and got it from Pottery Barn
Art over Crib - Matching fabric to the quilt in looms along with an "O" my sister purchased for Olivia

The floor lamp is being replaced with a hanging light.

The glider is in our room right now but it will go where the ball is.

The changing table pad will go on the dresser.

Friday, October 18, 2013

24 Weeks - Name

YIKES!!!!  Already?!

My goodness this pregnancy is going so much faster then my first.

We have decided to turn the guest room into this babies room that way should one of us need to get a good night sleep one of us can sleep with her in her room.  Plus my Mom is coming to help out and where the baby will be in my room for the first few weeks it won't matter if my Mom is in the guest room.

We have a name but I have not told all of the family yet as I have not had a chance to.  So maybe next post I will tell you.  But it is super cute just like Annabelle is.

I have put on 10 pounds this time around but I started with an extra 10 this time.  I think I am doing well and I am hoping to keep it in check this time around.  I still don't really look pregnant and that is always the hardest part for me.

I have got my morning sickness in check and discovered it was my medication that was making me ill so now I just wait to take it until lunch.

I am currently working on fall photo sessions and working on a queen size quilt for the queen bed in the babies room.  Boy a queen quilt is so much harder then a baby size quilt!  lol

Happy Halloween from myself and my crazy toddler

Friday, October 4, 2013

What I have been up to!

So I have not been posting on here as much as I did with Annabelle and that's because I have my hands full.

I revamped my photography site and I am in my busy session for Christmas fall photos.  Plus my husband has to do a lot of traveling for work this month so it's just me and the very active 18 month old Annabelle.

My Web Site:

I am now 22 weeks along and I have started to feel the little baby girl (still can't agree on a name) fluttering away in there.  I have managed to keep the weight gain to 9 pounds so far but I was hoping for less.  Because I know come the end is when the real baby weight comes.

Annabelle got here first real boo boo today.  She was made at me because I wouldn't put Sesame St. on because frankly Mommy had had enough Elmo for the time being.  So after her attempts to climb over me to get to the remote failed she went running off into the front room.  I must of forgot to latch the gate to the stairs and the next thing I hear is a thud and then her crying (really crying).  So I run into the room to find her coming from stairs area crying so hard.

She must of only gone up a few steps and then lost her footing and fell because other than a knot on her forehead (thank god for bangs) and a little redness near her eye she was ok.  Yes I know the Mother of the Month Award goes to ME!  Well like Jerry said this won't be her last boo boo in her life either.  I'm just grateful she didn't make up further.  Honestly I don't know what she did because she is very good at crawling up the stairs my only guess is she tried to stand up or something.  Lately she has wanted us to hold her hand so she can walk up.  Poor thing she was so upset.

Mommy fixed it though with a messy lunch of yogurt that I let her feed herself and a nice warm bath before nap time.

Ahhhhh my days are an adventure at times.  I hope everyone is doing well.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's a.........

We found out on Tuesday at our level two ultrasound that not only is baby healthy but we are having another little girl.  We would of loved either a boy or a girl but I think it is special for Annabelle to have a little sister.
Annabelle is 18 Months Old

Yes they will probably fight like cats and dogs as teenagers but for now I live in my bliss that they will be best friends.

18 weeks already!  Can you believe how fast this one is going?  I don't feel as though I have anything lined up to be ready at all.  I mean my house doesn't even get fully clean these days with a toddler running around and getting into everything.

The half way mark will be here before you know it.

Funny thing is I am 18 weeks and Annabelle just hit 18 months old.  She is a little ham and growing so fast.  Today while I was getting sick (as usual) she came over and rubbed my leg and said ahhh as Jerry rubbed my back.  She is such a cutie pie.  When I was blowing my nose she came over and gave me a kiss because she knows I have been sick with a sinus thing and plus the nausea from her sister.

She is working on trying to talk more but Cheese sounds like Cheeeeezeee and Tubby Tuuuuubbbbyyyy.  But she can say Hi, Bye bye, Daddy, Book (booook), Ut Oh, Shoes and a few other small things that are just not coming to my head right now.

She has 4 molars in and her top and bottom front set of teeth are in.  She seems to be working on some more teeth too.

Oh my gosh I forgot (how could I forget) her obsession with Sesame St. and Elmo (Emmoooo).  She will run and get the remote and bring it to me saying Emoooooooo.  She is an addict!  LOL  We even had to get a DVD player for the car so she would stop whining during our 8 hr road trip last weekend.  Toddlers + Car Seat + Long Drive = Frustrated Parents

I can't believe in a few short months we will have 2 little girls!  But I am excited about it and I look forward to watching them grow up.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby #2 in Feb. 7th 2014

I am not almost 14 weeks along!  We are waiting for DNA testing to come back in 2-3 weeks to tell us the gender.  I am AMA (advanced Maternal Age) now so I get all this extra testing.  I wonder if I get a badge for that now?  Doubt it... lol... Next think I know AARP will be sending me letters.  :-)

We are expecting another bundle of joy.  This was at 11weeks

Our 12 week Facebook Announcement

Getting the above picture of Annabelle my lovely 16 month old (at the time) was not so easy.  These are some of the images that just didn't make the cut.

The last one is so funny because you can tell that she was not having this any more.

First Trimester

This time around I was very tired!  I am not a napper but I did very often take naps while Annabelle was napping and the house just didn't stay as clean as I like.  Partly because I was tired and partly because I have a almost one a half year old who's main goal each day is to take out all her toys and be sure to spill something at least once.

I was pretty much in shock when we found out in June because I really didn't think we had got it that month.  It could be that we started trying in March with no success until May.  I guess God wanted me to have another baby right around Annabelle's Birthday.  I am due 2/7/14 and Annabelle's B-day is 3/3/12.  Annabelle was originally due in Feb. but she was so comfy she just hung out a week longer.

I did have some nausea and some really strong food aversions to the smell of fresh bread and veggies.

My back pain was so bad that I finally am getting help through PT which is making things feel so much better!  The place I am going to teaches you how to fix yourself which is what I need for the future as this back pain will be with me for my whole life.

Everyone is very excited for a new addition to our family.  We are too but some days when Annabelle is acting up Jerry and I just look at each other like we are going to do this again?  Yup we are and I think this time we will be better prepared for what to expect.

Second Trimester is underway and my energy is coming back.  I have started my anti depression meds up again today because I couldn't take the extreme low I was in any more and my Dr. said it would be for the best.  Heres to hoping I get back to being my go getter energetic self again!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Product Review - Kroger Cookout Fixings

This evening we got a chance to try Kroger cook out products as we had a cook in do to the continued wet weather we are having here.

We had:
- Kroger Frozen Turkey Burger
- Kroger Buns
- Kroger Sour Cream Chips
- Kroger Cherry Cola

All compliments of BzzAgent!  We grilled up the burgers in no time on our iron grill skillet in the house  and toasted the buns with a little bit of butter.

I have become a big fan of the Kroger Cherry Cola and I am not a soda fan but it tastes really good.  Probably not so heathy for me but tastes good and a good treat.

Along with our burgers I covered them in some Colby Jack cheese and I made a tomato basil salad fresh from our garden.  The Kroger chips tasted really good a little salty but isn't that the purpose of a chip?

It was a great dinner and it was prepared very fast with the ready made patties right in our freezer and the buns and chips on hand.

Oh and I did try Kroger Rocky Road ice cream long before I got to the burgers and I would say that was not as good as some other brands of ice cream.  I didn't find it chocolaty enough.

But over all I am pleased with the items I tried from the Kroger brand and I urge you to give them a try if your looking for a quick cost effective meal :-)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Annabelle's Walking - Garden Update

Annabelle has been walking a lot more now.  She still likes to crawl or knee walk as I call it but she is getting a lot more confident with her walking.  I would say around 15.5 months her confidence kicked in.  She is almost 16 months now and she is getting so big.  I hove lots of pictures to share!

We moved the bath outside for a little pretend pool time
She loves checking on our plants.  This is her tomato plant that has since died :-)

"Oh I am so darn cute!"

Just hanging by the pool with my buddies having a snack.


She is a nut!!!!1
Again a nut.  We had to remove all books because well other wise she would do it for us

This is what happens on a hot day when we water the garden and the mister is on the hose.  LOL She loved it!

Happy Daddy's day!  Let me squish you for your present.

Yes I am a diva and I know it.

At the park with our friend Nathan and his Mommy for a walk.

Drinking and driving... LOL... Milk that is.

This is now what my formal living room as resorted to. It's cute though.

I turned some old windows I had into playroom picture frames and used scrap paper for the background.


1)  We lost our beans to a wind storm.... Ugh I will need to replant them.

2) We lost our just starting to produce Zucchini and Squash to a squash vine borer bug :-( we still have time to replant but it makes me sad.  

3) Everything else is doing very well other then the mildew I can't seem to kill on the cucumbers but they are still producing.  

Gardening is so tricky who knew I needed to wrap the stem of the squash plants to keep a moth from laying an egg of a nasty creature that would bore into my plant and eat it from the inside out.  Darn it!

I hope everyone is doing well!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Product Review - Krogers Yogurt Smoothie Bar Strawberry Banana

Kroger Yogurt Smoothie Bar Review - Strawberry Banana

As part of a BzzAgent campaign I received a chance to test out Krogers Smoothie bars.  I must say they are very good.  They are little but at only 50 cal one does the trick to fill a sweet tooth without break the diet bank.  The Strawberry Banana tastes mostly like strawberries which is totally fine with me and I noticed it does taste just like a smoothie I would make.  

The ingredients are not all natural but not to bad.  Here you be the judge:

With 12 in a pack I think these will last us a little while and it is a cool summer treat!  I could see these being a perfect size for a little kid too as the lager bars tend to melt before they can finish them this time of year.  

Give it a try if you are looking for a cool refreshing summer treat!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First Time Square Foot Gardener - Small Spaces

Over the winter I had started to plan for a raised bed garden.  Because I am a first time gardener I made sure to do my research on square foot gardening and compatible planting.  My goal was to use the space we had most effectively but also plant in a way each plant would help the one next to it grow or deter common bugs to the plant.  To do this I searched the internet and also purchased the 3 part PDF book by Emily Peery from my square foot gardening.
This is what the area looked like in the winter before the garden not real exciting
In early April we ordered a U-Shape raised bed garden from Naturalyards (7' by 8' with 2' wide beds).  Then I made up a garden template using Excel to try to determine what plants we needed and how many of them.
Each box is one square foot and the middle is my steppers and steppable flowers.

I knew some veggies we wanted for sure so, I started using Emily Peery book and the internet to find what worked best next to what and this is what I came up with (after doing it over and over again).

We had some minor changes after realizing the planting area isn't as big as I had thought as you lose about 6 inches because of the wood and trim

Before our beds came in my husband tilled up the area under the beds and removed the very rocky sandy soil we had down about 5 inches then he added some fresh top soil and we covered it with weed block.

When our beds came in early May we where ready to get to it.  We wasted no time in putting the bed together as they slide right together with pins.  It did take us some time to figure out what pieces go were and we where pretty confused on why we had supports for 3ft wide bed when ours was only 2ft wide.  But in the end once we got each piece in the right area it went right together.  

The next day Jerry put on the trim kit.  Really that was key to squaring out the bed and making it look finished.  

Now came the fun part (I say sarcastically).  Adding the dirt!!!  Now you can't just go and buy top soil because you need the right mix.  So I did as the Gardening Basic book said and we did 1 part Peat moss, 1 part vermiculite, 2 parts compost.  This meant we had to go to 3 different places to get the best price on each of these.  Jerry had to get a whole truck bed full of compost.  You can see our cu ft measurements on the above diagram.  We ended up with lots left over because the soil was so fluffy but as I said our yard can use the extra good soil so none of it will go to waste.  

To fill the bed Jerry shoveled the compost into a plastic bin 2 big scoops at a time and I put in the peat and vermiculite then we mixed lifted and dumped it in the bed.  Then Jerry would spread it out.  We did this for about 2 hours and boy our backs hurt.  But it was done.  

The following day I used twine and steaks to mark off the squares.  I discovered I couldn't get exactly all the squares I had thought I could so I needed to make some changes in my planting.  This just meant some of the herbs would get moved around.

Now it came to plant.  We have previously purchased our plants and kept some in large patio containers and others in the containers they came in until we could get the bed ready to go.  But now we got to plant everything.  The beans, carrots, garlic, and green onions went in as seeds or bulbs.  Mostly these were planted for fun or because they helped with pest control.
The little signs I had purchased from an Etsy seller the Common Sign they really make the garden!
Next our Lemon, Lime, Clementine and Pomegranate trees came in the mail.  We purchased them at Fast Growing Tree and the came in beautiful condition.  We purchased matching pots for the lemon, lime and clementine trees as they will need to come in during the coldest months.  After planting them it was time to add the stepping stones and steppable plants to the walking areas and mulch and grass seed as needed.  Jerry planted the pomegranate tree in our backyard as it can stand our NC winters.

In just two weeks time this is what our garden looks like today...

As you can see we still have some compost to work with and mulch we need to lay around the large bushes but I love our garden and we made the best use of space we could.  The bird feeder was my Mother's Day gift and I love watching all the different birds especially the cardinals come to the feeder. It's also great to have the birds around to eat those nasty bugs we don't want.

The view of our deck from the garden.  This pergola was put on last summer and it really made a world of difference.

Can you see my little humming bird friend that comes and goes all day.

A panoramic of our little garden area.

We are even using our old patio boxes for lettuce and the other one I am going to plant flowers.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our little compact garden and I hope it continues to grow and gives us lots of flowers, veggies and herbs.  We have already enjoyed seeing the many visitors it has brought us.

Humming bird


Bees working hard