Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ONLY 1.5cm and 50% - Induction Scheduled

This is all getting so very difficult to handle.  I am now over due by 5 days and I went to the Dr. today all hopeful that she would tell me that I was at least 4cm only to find out that I am only a half cm closer then I was last week and a lot softer.

We scheduled an induction for Tuesday at 7pm.  I was like 7pm, seriously they couldn't do it earlier in the day?  Nope because there is no openings on Monday or in the morning on Tuesday.  I really don't want to be induced but I also don't want to carry her until she is 18, so here is to hoping she decides to come before Tuesday.

I never thought she would take this long to get here.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Past Due!

I am now 3 days past due.  I have been having mild braxton hicks contractions about every 10mins for days now.  I don't really notice them unless it is a stronger one or if I am really paying attention, like when I take a bath.  It's so funny to watch my belly ball up on the right side and get very hard.  They feel like when you upper tummy hurts after you do some crunches.  I keep telling Jerry that she never coming out that she is very comfy where she is (but Mommy is not comfy).

On a side note we had wondered what the baby count down would do when we got past due and I guess it starts adding days for every day we are overdue... LOL Thanks count down!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Today is Our Official Due Date

Annabelle is still very comfy in there and nothing has started yet.  I have had some contractions that are very very mild but those are just Braxton Hicks (practice contractions).  They don't hurt they just tighten up my belly, for the longest time I thought that was just her moving her bum because it would make a lump on my left side of my belly, LOL.

I have been pretty much just chilling out at home (getting dressed isn't much fun).  I have finished reading "The Lucky One" in under a week (which is really fast for me) and today I think I am going to break out my fancy camera and play with it so I am ready for her newborn photo's when she comes.  Jerry and I moved our bonus room around so he has a better working space as he is working form home most of the time and I setup my studio for her new born photos.  The bonus room looks so much better now.

Her Glider finally came in!!!!  I go up to her room once a day to sit in it and read or just sit as it very comfy and her room is so peaceful. 

Jerry and I have tried talking to her and telling her it's time to come out but she seems to have her own agenda.  She might end up being a March baby, we shall see.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eviction Notice to My Lovely Daughter

Dear Annabelle Rose,

I (mommy) have loved carrying you around for these 39 weeks and feeling you grow inside me but it's time to come out and meet the world. You have a lot of friends and family who can't wait to meet you, two in particular, your mommy and daddy!

Your official due date is in 5 days and it is so amazing to be this close to having one of our dreams come true, it's kind of like waiting for Christmas morning however Christmas will just come on any day Santa feels like delivering presents.  So let's just make it easy and how about you come out before your due date. Ok?

I know you are very comfy in there, but I promise you we will make you just as comfy out here.  Plus you will have a lot more room to grow and play.  We have a beautiful room waiting for you (minus the glider that will be here any day now, I promise).

Daddy is done with his business trips and he is no longer sick, also the builder has fixed most of the 1 yr warranty items on our home and mommy has bought all she needs to get started with you for now (as you give me a good kick to the rib). So as you can see we are ready for you now (even though I am still not sure how I will handle the pain of getting you out).

We want you to come out on your own without the help of mommy being induced and the Dr. won't let mommy carry you beyond a couple of weeks from now, so let's just go ahead and start up this process on our own.  We are happy you are head down and mommy is happy to be having braxton hicks contractions but mommy is very uncomfortable.  I know we have spent the last 9 months asking you to stay put and grow and be healthy and I know daddy begged you not to come out before he got back from his trips, but really it is ok now you can come out.

I love you so much already and I just want to see your cute little face and hold you and love all on you.  Daddy does too and he is getting very excited so let's go ahead and pack up your bags and come out safe and sound.

Love your very tired, excited, swollen

Friday, February 17, 2012

Went to the Dr. today an 0 cm dilated... ughh

Yesterday I thought maybe I was leaking fluid and so in an effort not to overreact I didn't go to the Dr.  But this morning she wasn't moving like she normally does after breakfast so I got a little concerned.  Jerry convinced me to call the Dr. and see if I should go in so I did.  They asked me to come in to get checked and turns out all is well and my water didn't break and I am NOT dilated at all!!!

I thought for sure she would come this weekend but now I am not so sure.  I know we still could go into labor and checking for dilation isn't a good indication of when labor will start but I was just hoping for some indication stuff was starting.

I did get to get be monitored for 15 minutes or so and I am having braxton hicks contraction even though I didn't notice them before, pretty cool!

So here's to hoping she comes soon....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Still very much pregnant!!!

Just wanted to update you all that I am still very much pregnant.  I went to the Dr. yesterday and she is head down and just waiting for things to get started.  I think she likes it to much in there and doesn't want to come out at all.......  So this Friday we will be 39 weeks!

Monday, February 6, 2012


We just went to the Dr. and Annabelle has gone head down again!!!! Woohooo  We are very happy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

37 Weeks - Full Term!!

This past Friday we reach that point we all wait for and that's the 37 week mark!  We are so very excited and almost all ready for our little Annabelle.   I feel like over the past couple of weeks my belly has really started to get very big.  It could be because she is laying on her side and I am sure it is because she is putting on that oh so cute baby fat.

My sister Holly and I are going shopping for the last little bit of things we need to get before she comes.  Tomorrow we are also going for our Dr. appointment and we will find out if she is still laying sideways.  If she is I am not going to have them try to move her because I hear it is very painful and could cause the need for an emergency c-section if something goes wrong.  If she is still sideways I will probably schedule a c-section and then hope that she moves before the c-section.

Jerry is heading out for another business trip tomorrow afternoon and will be back Wednesday afternoon, so I need to holder her in until at least the end of the week.  I think we are going to be ok and all we plan to do is go shopping tomorrow then Holly and I will sit around the house on Tuesday.  I am going to work Wednesday - Friday and then I start my leave on Friday the 10th... Wooohoooo!!!

Baby Shower - This past Saturday I got a surprise from our friends Nora, Jon and Marilyn who threw us a baby shower at our house.

Jerry and I went out to run errands Saturday morning and Holly told me she wanted to stay home (now I know why) and we came home to all kinds of good food and a few close friends saying "Surprise"!  I was shocked!  I did feel really bad because I could see how much work Nora and Jon put into this with the help of Marilyn and it ended up being Nora, Jon, My Sister Holly, Lisa, Jerry and I (which if fine with me but others had said they were coming and didn't show).  Marilyn had a family emergency and I heard she came by to drop off some things then had to run to the hospital (her aunt was ill but she is ok now, thank goodness).  We had a great time and we very much enjoyed the company with Nora, Jon and Lisa (as always).   :-)

Thank you everyone for the wonderful gifts, Annabelle will love them!!  She got some great outfits, onies, bibs and a very generous gift card (which we already spent getting her some great things at Target).

Thank you again what a great surprise!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome to our birth month!

It's FEBRUARY!!!!!  Can you believe it?  Today I am 37 weeks and you know what that means, we are full term!

This month is already proving to be a busy one as Jerry started a new job on the 1st and had to fly to PA to meet his team and get all setup.  He is coming back today, woohoo!  But then it is off again for him on Monday to OH for a few days for training.  So my sister is staying with us to "babysit" me as I call it.... LOL

It has also been a year since we bought our house and this month the builder needs to come in and fix things, perfect timing right when I am 39 weeks along... ughhh... Oh and our less than a year old microwave broke yesterday.

Monday my sister and I are doing major baby shopping to get the rest of the items we need.  Our rocker still isn't in yet and might not be until MARCH!!! Man I need to call them and check on it today.

Little Annabelle is still sideways from what I can tell using the doppler and trying to feel for her.  I guess she wants to be just like her Mommy as I was on my side too.  I have been trying to get her to move by playing her music down low, but no luck yet.  We will see at Monday's appointment how she is doing.

I hope everyone had a happy January!  I can't wait to be writing my "Welcome Annabelle" post.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Update - Transverse Baby, Nesting, and How I Feel

Dr. Appointment - Transverse and Group B Strep
We went to the Dr. last Friday for our 36 week appointment and at that time Annabelle was laying head down.  Then we went to the Dr. yesterday for our 37 week appointment (sooner than usual because Jerry left for a work trip this morning) and we learned she is laying sideways.  Her head is on my right side and her bum on the left and best I can tell her feet are facing down towards my cervix.  This is not the way she should be right now and I am hoping she will turn.  It also is not very comfy at all.

I also found out my group B strep test is positive.  That isn't a big deal as it can be treated at delivery and a lot of woman have it during pregnancy.  Doesn't surprise me as I have been no stranger to strep all my life so why wouldn't I have this form of step too.

Back to her being sideways.  The Dr. said we will keep an eye on it as we are getting close to the end and they could either try to manually move her or schedule a c-section.  I hear trying to move them is very painful and I read it can cause problems or a potential need for an emergency c-section.  So I will have to think about that one some more.

How I am feeling
Tired, tired, tired and more tired.  I have not been sleeping well lately and especially last night I only got 2.5hrs of sleep.  I have also been experiencing BAD dry heaving spells and throwing up spells, the Dr. said it is probably the heartburn but I don't know as I didn't have heart burn last night yet I started coughing then I went into a throwing up fit.  NOT FUN!!!

My feet also swelled up to balloons last night so much so that my sister and Jerry were like "Oh My God" and when I walked I could feel them jiggle... ughhh

This is all so worth it I just wish that it would be the end so I could meet her and get back to being me.

Despite my lack of sleep and all my other issues my head is going a million miles an hour on everything I need to do before she comes.  Yesterday the kitchen was such a mess to me that I couldn't stand it and had to clean it all up (it wasn't very messy but it was bugging me).  I have also been having my sister help me wash things and put things together as I can't really do much when it comes to being on my feet much or bending over.

Next week my sister and I are going to get the rest of the items we need.  That might be the last week I have to do anything if I have to have a c-section.

Thank you
I wanted to send a thank you to my sister Sheena and her boyfriend Steve who sent us the cutest outfits every for little Annabelle.  Also, a thank to Elaine (she does my nails) for sending us a Fisher Price jumpero (very nice of her).

We are on baby countdown and she should be here very soon!!!!