Friday, January 31, 2014

My Gymnast - Pregnancy Update 39 weeks

39 Weeks - Yesterday I went in for a regular weekly checkup and NST on Olivia.  She passed her NST with flying colors.  I fully expected the Dr. to tell me I was progressing when he did my cervical check but instead he said I was hardly even a finger tip dilated and he couldn't feel a head at all.  He said "Are you sure she was head down last week?"

"Yes it was confirmed with an ultrasound" I told him.

You see my little Olivia flipped breech at 36 weeks then back to head down at 38 weeks.  Last week she looked pretty low and locked in but she still had a lot of fluid.

The Dr. wanted me to go to ultrasound to see if she was head down and not engaged or if she had flipped breech again.  Sure enough that little stinker had flipped once again to breech and her head was up in my right rib.

Our options:

1) Try to flip her from the outside - NO WAY! I hear this hurts and it isn't always a guarantee they will stay and it could put the baby in distress which would lead to an emergency c-section.

2) Schedule a C-section but still come in on Monday to see if she flipped and if so cancel the C-section.  Also check before the C-section to see if she flipped and if she did decide to either go forward with the C-section or wait for nature.

We went with option #2.  I suppose there would be a third option to just wait and see what position she was in when I went into labor on my own but for me that presents far to many risks.  My baby girl is little and with my first I went from 4cm to 10cm very fast and she came shooting out.  I would rather not risk her life should she still be breech when I go into labor.  Now that's not to say it won't happen between now and Friday (C-section is scheduled for my due date Feb. 7th) but where my first was over due and I am showing no signs of progression I probably won't go into labor before then.

C-Section Feelings:

I have mixed feelings on having a c-section.  On one hand I have had a vaginal delivery with Annabelle and besides the pitocen and the horrible spinal headache everything went smoothly.  The likely hood this one would be pretty is easy because she is small is pretty likely.  My recovery also would be far more manageable.

On the other hand with a c-section I know when it's happening and I know my Mom will be here for 2 weeks after to help.  But the recovery time is far longer and let's face it, it is major surgery.  I hate to be confined to one floor of my house and I am concerned about what happens after my Mom leaves because I will have very little help because Jerry needs to work.

My worst fear is she flips head down on Monday and we cancel the C-section then she flips breech again and I go past my due date and end up with a C-section any ways with far less help because my Mom has to leave on the 22nd.

I'm hoping recovery is not as hard as I am thinking it will be and I pray I do not get an infection.

The Good News:

Olivia is doing great and like I said she is projected to be 6 lbs. at 40 weeks with a full head of hair.  We could see her hair on the ultrasound and she had this big halo around her.

I have also only gained 10 pounds!  I am very very proud of myself because even though I am still very much overweight I am not as bad off as I could be after Olivia is born.  I attribute this to Annabelle keeping me busy and wanting to eat my food and to my continued use of my Wellbutrin from the second trimester on.

I have had some blood pressure issues during this pregnancy but they seem to correct themselves and then pop up just slightly at my last appointment.

Well my next post will probably be to introduce Olivia!  I will leave you with a picture.

This was taken at my baby shower (I'm second from the left).  These are all my pregnant friends.

Say a prayer for me that all goes well!