Friday, October 19, 2012

Stopping by for an update

Wow do I win the slacker award or what?  These days my days are consumed with baby and when she is sleeping I am either cleaning, editing pictures or working on my website.  Crazy crazy busy....

So Annabelle went for her second flu shot this past week and she is now 18 pounds Can you believe that, my little 6 lb. peanut is now 18 pounds.  They grow so fast.

Maria this ones for you - I'm up very late blogging :-)  Earlier I was exhausted after a very trying visit to the hair salon with a 7 month old (not so happy) baby, and I passed out after putting her to bed.  I slept on the couch for about 2 hours until Jerry got home from teaching his night class.  Then even though I was tired I kind of woke up and here we are, 1:30am and I am awake.

This up coming Tuesday we are having our family pictures taken!  This will be the first good family picture we will have of us, since she was born and I am very excited.   Hence the need to get my hair done even though I had no one to watch Annabelle.  Ughh I swear I will never do that again if at all possible in the future.  She was not a happy camper, it was her cranky time of the night and we got home well passed her bedtime.  But my hair looks good :-)

Annabelle is also getter her first little teeth on the bottom.  She has done pretty well with it but when she gets cranky we give her advil and orajel.

Last weekend I had the chance to take pictures for a couple good friends of ours.  I really think I am getting better every time and I learn something new about taking pictures each time I go out.  Here is a few from the session.

On another note.  We tried to take Annabelle to a pumpkin patch last weekend.  I think she hates pumpkins. See photo...
She does not like sitting on the ground and she hates pumpkins.
Later that day at the park after taking Jonathan and Nora's pictures I tried to get some of Annabelle and her pumpkin....
"ahhhhh what are you?  Get away from me!"
"Take that pumpkin I am bigger than you!!"

"Ok I guess you are not going to hurt me so we can be friends for a minute until I start crying again."

This up coming weekend will be my last weekend without taking pictures before the Holiday rush starts and I am booked every weekend until we leave for Thanksgiving.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Yay for being a vampire!! ;) I was one last night!! Rachel, your photos are beautiful!!! They are so crisp and clear and really capture the special moments!! Omygoodness, Annabelle is so so cute - her little outfit is precious! And I lol @ the photo of her it bad those kinds of photos make me laugh?! ;) so glad your business is going great! Hope you are safe and relaxing inside today with the storm!!
    Lots of love


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