Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's a.........

We found out on Tuesday at our level two ultrasound that not only is baby healthy but we are having another little girl.  We would of loved either a boy or a girl but I think it is special for Annabelle to have a little sister.
Annabelle is 18 Months Old

Yes they will probably fight like cats and dogs as teenagers but for now I live in my bliss that they will be best friends.

18 weeks already!  Can you believe how fast this one is going?  I don't feel as though I have anything lined up to be ready at all.  I mean my house doesn't even get fully clean these days with a toddler running around and getting into everything.

The half way mark will be here before you know it.

Funny thing is I am 18 weeks and Annabelle just hit 18 months old.  She is a little ham and growing so fast.  Today while I was getting sick (as usual) she came over and rubbed my leg and said ahhh as Jerry rubbed my back.  She is such a cutie pie.  When I was blowing my nose she came over and gave me a kiss because she knows I have been sick with a sinus thing and plus the nausea from her sister.

She is working on trying to talk more but Cheese sounds like Cheeeeezeee and Tubby Tuuuuubbbbyyyy.  But she can say Hi, Bye bye, Daddy, Book (booook), Ut Oh, Shoes and a few other small things that are just not coming to my head right now.

She has 4 molars in and her top and bottom front set of teeth are in.  She seems to be working on some more teeth too.

Oh my gosh I forgot (how could I forget) her obsession with Sesame St. and Elmo (Emmoooo).  She will run and get the remote and bring it to me saying Emoooooooo.  She is an addict!  LOL  We even had to get a DVD player for the car so she would stop whining during our 8 hr road trip last weekend.  Toddlers + Car Seat + Long Drive = Frustrated Parents

I can't believe in a few short months we will have 2 little girls!  But I am excited about it and I look forward to watching them grow up.


  1. congratulations! it will be so sweet for the two of them to grow up together so close in age <3 that's exactly how I feel about this baby. Girl or boy does not really matter but to have another boy so M can grow up and be close with a brother would be a really special thing <3

    I hope your sickness soon passes and aside from that you and your family are doing well :)

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  3. AHHH!!! RACHEL!! i'm so happy for you!! congratulations!! ohmygoodness, two little girls! so exciting!
    i am sure annabelle and the baby will be best of's so neat annabelle is 18 months and the baby is 18 weeks!
    it's crazy to think of where we've been and now have our baby(ies)...i'm just so happy for you and jerry! may the next half of your pregnancy be beautiful! i will be following along and looking forward to reading more. tons of love to you all! <3<3<3


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