Friday, October 18, 2013

24 Weeks - Name

YIKES!!!!  Already?!

My goodness this pregnancy is going so much faster then my first.

We have decided to turn the guest room into this babies room that way should one of us need to get a good night sleep one of us can sleep with her in her room.  Plus my Mom is coming to help out and where the baby will be in my room for the first few weeks it won't matter if my Mom is in the guest room.

We have a name but I have not told all of the family yet as I have not had a chance to.  So maybe next post I will tell you.  But it is super cute just like Annabelle is.

I have put on 10 pounds this time around but I started with an extra 10 this time.  I think I am doing well and I am hoping to keep it in check this time around.  I still don't really look pregnant and that is always the hardest part for me.

I have got my morning sickness in check and discovered it was my medication that was making me ill so now I just wait to take it until lunch.

I am currently working on fall photo sessions and working on a queen size quilt for the queen bed in the babies room.  Boy a queen quilt is so much harder then a baby size quilt!  lol

Happy Halloween from myself and my crazy toddler

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