Thursday, September 20, 2012

Starting My Photography Business

For years I have been saying how I wanted to start a Family Portrait photography business.  However life happened and I was working full time, buying a house, getting married and having a beautiful baby girl.  Now that Annabelle is the big 6 Months old I am finding that I have more time at night to get done what I need to when it comes to editing.

So I started by making a page for my business Rachel Warren Photography.  - come like my page :-)

Because of Annabelle I have started making some really good friends who also have little babies.  I started taking pictures at our play dates and found that everyone really liked the pictures.  I had always told myself I am just not that good to do this as a business but I have learned that I do have what it takes I just need to keep protecting my skills.

So I am starting the business if nothing else then to allow me to do one of the things I love the most and that is capturing memories to last a life time.  I expect for now it will be mostly Moms in our play groups who need or want pictures of their little ones for Holiday Cards or to remember the mile stones, but that is ok with me.

Wish me luck!

6 Months Old

This is my favorite picture I have taken of her so far

Our little pumpkin is 6 months old.  How time flies.  Heres the break down from her last checkup on 9/4/12.

Weight:  15 pounds 9 oz 42%
Height: 25 3/4 inches 51%
Head: 17 inches 72%

She is growing beautifully!  We are so very lucky to have such a happy healthy little girl.


  1. Happy 6 Months!
    Good luck with your new business :) that is such an adorable picture!

  2. happy 6 months!! omygoodness, that is a beautiful photo - love her hat and expression! congratulations on your new business, rachel! you took gorgeous photos! <3

  3. Annabelle is such a beauty! :) I love her eyes. Anyway, it’s a good idea to use Facebook to market your business. If you make a good post, it can get viral and spread like wildfire in the World Wide Web. However, you can also explore the option of having your own domain (website). It can help you have a wider space for your business' information and products and services.

    Kevin Beamer


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