Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Weight Battle

I must admit losing weight after having a baby isn't easy even if I do stay at home with her.  Which let me tell you is not an easy job.  Most days I'm happy to get a shower in and some chores done never mind getting to the YMCA to workout.

For a long time after Annabelle was born I just didn't feel like cooking either because I was to tired or really didn't have the time.  This meant Jerry either had to cook or we ate take out or had sandwich and chips.  Jerry works a full time job and also teaches College one night a week along with online classes and as much as he tried to cook we really did end up eating out or eating sandwiches more and more.

Sooooooooo two weeks ago I agreed to start doing more of the cooking and then last week on Sunday prior to new years we decided to do one week of Vegetarian Raw foods all week.

We did it!  I must say I did feel much better last week although some of the recipes didn't always taste the best.  The first couple of days Jerry and I could feel the effects of coming off not only meat, but sugar and all processed food and dairy.  I longed for my egg sandwich in the morning.  Jerry craved his chips and missed his dark chocolate chips in his oatmeal.

The week was an expensive week with a Whole Foods grocery bill coming in at about $350.  We needed to buy things you couldn't buy every week such as Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Dates, and so on.

In one week Jerry and I both dropped SIX POUNDS!

We could feel it was a lot of water weight and though we still had our coffee and a glass of wine at dinner a couple of nights we did feel much better.

Saturday was our designated CHEAT day.  We went out for lunch to get burgers and boys did I sure pay for that.  I only had half of a burger and 1/4 of my fries and we had a veggie flat bread appetizer.  After leaving lunch we headed over to Whole Foods for the weekly shopping and both of us could feel the pressure of gas from the assault we just waged on our bodies.  Really it just didn't taste that good to me either.

Today is back on track.  This week we are doing a mix of raw and cooked veggies with one night of fish and one night with dairy.  We are also going to incorporate getting to the YMCA a couple times this week.

Is this a New Years resolution? NOPE!  You know why?  Because those are more often then not broken.  This is a goal I set for myself many years ago and though I am down 35 pounds from my pregnancy weight I really could like to lose at least another 15 before trying for number 2.

So that's what I'm up to.  Learning how to cook and bake without using flowers and processed food with no meat and very little dairy.

I will keep you up dated!

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  1. awesome job, rachel and jerry!! i wish you lots of luck on reaching your goals. i don't really believe in setting ny's goals either...just trying to work on things one day at a time. :)
    sending love and wishing you a wonderful weekend. <3<3<3


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