Thursday, January 31, 2013

BzzAgent - FREE Glade Expressions

Hey everyone,

So I was lucky enough to find out about this site called BzzAgent (Buzz Agent) and I signed up and answered some short and simple surveys and waaaalaaa I received an offer to try Glade Expressions for free!

The way it worked was they sent me a coupon booklet and there was two coupons for a FREE Glade expressions oil diffuser and one for the mist.  I will say I would not pleased with a few things:

1.  I had to go to two stores to find both products as the Glade section at our NEW Walmart was a mess, empty, and there was diffuser kit to be found.

2.  Krogers charged more than the max on the FREE coupon :-(  -See picture below.

3.  There was no light sent like vanilla hence my issue with paying just under $3 for the two products because I wouldn't of bought it with the selection of scents they have available.

I have been using the oil diffuser now for a few days and I will say the scent has toned down now and is a light pineapple scent.  The first day it was so strong.
you pop the white card into the oil
The mist is a big improvement from Glades previous sprays.  One time I used one of the older ones and I got the spray all over my ceiling.  Now it is more of gentile mist.

All and all would I buy these again -YES but only if they offered vanilla

So if you interested in becoming a Bzz Agent check out

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