Wednesday, March 27, 2013


When did life become so busy?  Oh I remember on March 3rd at 5:55 a.m. when Annabelle was born.  :-)

It seems as though I'm always busy and most of it is because I have so many creative projects I want to do but can't seem to do them when little munchkin is awake so I try to squeeze them in at night.

Project List:

- Change out pictures in window frames for play room
- Make dryer balls (1 down 7 to go)
- Make Non Paper Towels (2 down as many as I can do to go)
- Family Faces Blocks for Annabelle (4 down lots more to go)
- Reusable snack and sandwich bags (several down as many as I want to go)
- Quilt for Annabelle's big girl room (not started)
- Quilt out of Annabelle first year of clothing (not started)
- A 20x20 Canvas of pictures form Annabelle's first year template done and started adding pictures
- Learn how to make good homemade bread
- Make a recipe board (not started)
- Make a kitchen play set for Annabelle (not started)
- Paint rooms (all but the guest bathroom is done)
- Decorate guest room (partly done)
- Make diaper inserts (not started)

YIKES!!!!!!!!!  I totally just made myself overwhelmed looking at this list.  I truly just can't sit still I guess.



  1. I admire your creativity, Rachel!! I hope you get to check some more items off your list soon! :)
    Sending love xoxo

    1. Thank you. I hope I do too. I wish you a fast labor! I can't wait to see pictures!!!


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