Monday, March 25, 2013

Trip to Club Med FL

Last week we took our first real family vacation in a long time.  We drove to FL to stay at the all inclusive resort Club Med.

I must say this place was great for Families!  They had a Baby Club for Annabelle to go to so we could go lay in the sun or go to the spa.  All the staff was out of this world!

The rooms came with a changing table pad, baby bath, bottle warmer, pack-n-play, and stroller.  Had I known I could of left our things at home.

We did drive there and with a  one year old a 10 hour drive turned into 14 hours but all and all it wasn't all that bad.

My big complaint was the WiFi there SUCKED!  They wanted you to pay $50 for the week and then I couldn't get on most of the time or when I did it was one bar.  We wanted to use it to watch Netflix at night while we sat in our room because of Annabelle's early bed time.  They did let us keep our internet key and they refunded the money.  Also, even though the resort was updated I still think some of the resort could use some TLC.

Jerry was very frustrated with the meal situation because it was cafeteria style and not organized well and everyone was walking around like zombies not paying a mind to where they were walking.

Besides what I mentioned above I would go back for the child care programs they have and the fact we can drive there and it wasn't overly expensive.  Plus you don't have to worry about paying for meals.

Here are some pictures from our time on vacation.  Annabelle is not walking yet but we definitely have a strong minded toddler on our hands.

"Smile?  Like this?"

"Daddy this mesh is cool!"

After a couple days she finally started to enjoy the pool.

Our last day there. 

Kisses from Mommy


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  1. what a wonderful trip! so glad you all had an amazing time! sorry to hear about the wifi...steve gets SO mad when the reception is bad too. and then they charge ya an arm and a leg for nothing!
    annabelle is beautiful - love her pigtails...she wears them well! :) the photos of you and her on the beach are so pretty!
    so glad you had a wonderful time! sending love and hoping you're having a great week back home! xoxox


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