Friday, July 12, 2013

Product Review - Kroger Cookout Fixings

This evening we got a chance to try Kroger cook out products as we had a cook in do to the continued wet weather we are having here.

We had:
- Kroger Frozen Turkey Burger
- Kroger Buns
- Kroger Sour Cream Chips
- Kroger Cherry Cola

All compliments of BzzAgent!  We grilled up the burgers in no time on our iron grill skillet in the house  and toasted the buns with a little bit of butter.

I have become a big fan of the Kroger Cherry Cola and I am not a soda fan but it tastes really good.  Probably not so heathy for me but tastes good and a good treat.

Along with our burgers I covered them in some Colby Jack cheese and I made a tomato basil salad fresh from our garden.  The Kroger chips tasted really good a little salty but isn't that the purpose of a chip?

It was a great dinner and it was prepared very fast with the ready made patties right in our freezer and the buns and chips on hand.

Oh and I did try Kroger Rocky Road ice cream long before I got to the burgers and I would say that was not as good as some other brands of ice cream.  I didn't find it chocolaty enough.

But over all I am pleased with the items I tried from the Kroger brand and I urge you to give them a try if your looking for a quick cost effective meal :-)

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