Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Annabelle's Walking - Garden Update

Annabelle has been walking a lot more now.  She still likes to crawl or knee walk as I call it but she is getting a lot more confident with her walking.  I would say around 15.5 months her confidence kicked in.  She is almost 16 months now and she is getting so big.  I hove lots of pictures to share!

We moved the bath outside for a little pretend pool time
She loves checking on our plants.  This is her tomato plant that has since died :-)

"Oh I am so darn cute!"

Just hanging by the pool with my buddies having a snack.


She is a nut!!!!1
Again a nut.  We had to remove all books because well other wise she would do it for us

This is what happens on a hot day when we water the garden and the mister is on the hose.  LOL She loved it!

Happy Daddy's day!  Let me squish you for your present.

Yes I am a diva and I know it.

At the park with our friend Nathan and his Mommy for a walk.

Drinking and driving... LOL... Milk that is.

This is now what my formal living room as resorted to. It's cute though.

I turned some old windows I had into playroom picture frames and used scrap paper for the background.


1)  We lost our beans to a wind storm.... Ugh I will need to replant them.

2) We lost our just starting to produce Zucchini and Squash to a squash vine borer bug :-( we still have time to replant but it makes me sad.  

3) Everything else is doing very well other then the mildew I can't seem to kill on the cucumbers but they are still producing.  

Gardening is so tricky who knew I needed to wrap the stem of the squash plants to keep a moth from laying an egg of a nasty creature that would bore into my plant and eat it from the inside out.  Darn it!

I hope everyone is doing well!

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  1. She keeps getting cuter and cuter :) love all the pictures!


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