Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update and Push Present

First let me say I am sorry I have not been very active on writing and reading blogs.  Annabelle is doing great and nursing like crazy during the day.  She seems to like to sleep from about 1am to 6am which is great because it gives me a good stretch of time to sleep.  Then she eats at 6am and her and I take a nap until about 8am or so.  Today I didn't dare wake her up after her feeding so her and I slept on the couch together.  Jerry found us and she was sleeping with her hands over her eyes.  but then she likes to nurse from 9am to like 4pm with little breaks. 

So turns out I got postpartum preeclampsia.  I am working with my OB to try to get my blood pressure back to normal and the headaches have pretty much stopped but the feet, ankle and leg swelling is still going on.  They almost put me back int he hospital but it turned out the first blood pressure medication I was on can cause headaches so I was switched over to another medicine.  I go see the Dr. again on Thursday.  I just wish this foot swelling would go away as it is so uncomfortable.

One of my push Presents
Ok so the good stuff.  When we got home from the hospital I was having a crying melt down from hormones and lack of sleep and to cheer me up Jerry went up stairs and came back with my "push present."  He is the best at getting gifts.  He got me a little booty charm for my Pandora bracelet and this really nice necklace that has a Mom, Dad and Child in the charm.  Of course I did cry some more after seeing what he had got me.  He is so thoughtful!!
My second Push Present a charm

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  1. i hope you're feeling much better! such a sweet mr, jerry is. i LOVE that necklace <3


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