Tuesday, June 12, 2012

BumGenius Cloth Diapers Feedback

We have now switched her over to the one size cloth diapers because she was getting to big for the small kissaluvs we were using on her and she was leaking through the diaper over night.

Here is my feedback on 3 different versions of the BumGenius diapers and let me start by saying I love the diapers.

BumGenius 4.0 One-Size:
  • Description - It is a pocket diaper and you insert the pad between the water proof layer and the cloth cover.  The diaper is very soft.
  • Blow Out Test - It held everything in the diaper.
  • Keeping Baby Dry - The cloth cover does exactly what is claims, that is it keeps the baby dry.  I have touched the cloth portion when changing her and it was completely dry however the insert was soaked (2 thumbs up).  
  • Ease of Use - The diaper is very easy to use and fits snuck around my daughters legs that are on the skinnier side with a little chub.  My husband prefers the velcro version and I will say they are easier than the snaps, however as she gets older I could see her being able to pull them off easier so I like the snaps.
  • Cleaning - Spray out the poop diapers with the Bumgenius sprayer  over the toilet, it takes a little bit of time but not bad at all and you remove the insert from the cover making sure to put the velcro taps on the washing tab.  Like the others I do 3 washes (rinse spin, wash, rinse spin) and in the first rinse I add a little vinegar to help with the odder.
  • Drying Time - The inserts go in the dryer and I add a dry towel to help them dry faster.  The covers I hang inside on a stand up drying crack and they take a few hours to totally dry.
  • Over All Rating - 5 stars!  These are great diapers and well worth the money.
BumGenius Organic
  • Description - It looks like the 4.0 except the organic cotton insert is sewed onto the cover and for smaller sized you fold it in the back for girls and in the front for boys.  The diaper is made of soft fabric for the insert making it very comfortable.
  • Blow Out Test - It held everything in the diaper.
  • Keeping Baby Dry - Nope if the baby is wet he/she will feel it with these.
  • Ease of Use - The diaper is easy to use but others watching your baby who are not familiar with how to folder the insert for smaller babies might be a little confused.
  • Cleaning - Same as 4.0 except you can not remove the insert.  They are a little easier to spray the pop out of.
  • Drying Time - Because I can not remove the insert I hang the whole diaper to dry.  It takes a full day and night for it to drying hanging in the house on a drying rack.  I don't dare put them in the drying because I am worried they will get ruined.  I have 2 of these and I will not be buying more just because of the drying time.  If you had a drier where you can insert a shelf to dry items flat I think that would work.  
  • Over All Rating - 3 stars because of the drying time.
BumGenius Flip 
  • Description - These come with a cover and pre fold inserts that look much like the inserts for the 4.0 except there is no button to keep the insert folded.  As long as the cover doesn't get to wet you can just change out the insert vs changing the full diaper cover and all when baby gets wet.
  • Blow Out Test - It held everything in the diaper.
  • Keeping Baby Dry - The inserts have 2 sides one is smooth and softer and that is the side that goes up against the baby and it does tend to stay drier than the other side when wet.
  • Ease of Use - A little more difficult because you have to get the insert to stay in place as you put it on but ones you get the hang of it then you are good to go.  Because you have to do this as you are changing the baby it doesn't make it easy for those not familiar with the diapers to use. 
  • Cleaning - Much easier to spray out because the insert comes right out and there is no cloth cover to spay out also.  I wash them the same as mentioned above.
  • Drying Time - A little faster than the 4.0 because I put the inserts in the drier and the water proof cover hangs to dry.
  • Over All Rating - 5 stars! They hold up to the night time pee challenge and I have the ability to double up on the inserts at night if needed. 
How Many?
I started with 12 diapers.  I am going to be buying a few more because with the 4.0 and Organic once they are dirty the whole diaper is dirty.  They are very cute and come in some great colors but for the next ones I get I am going to get gender neutral ones so I have more that I could use on the next child in the event it is a boy.  

Diaper Rash?
Nope!  Annabelle has not had diaper rash once since she was born and I think the cloth diapers have a lot to do with it.  When she was a newborn we used disposable but changed them right away when she got wet or did number 2 and we went through a lot of diapers and that can get $$$$!

First Time Mom's Using Cloth Diapers
You can do it!  Get a few different diapers so you can find what works best for you and most of all get a BumGenius sprayer.  Get yourself 2-3 pail wet bags the best one I found is made by thirsties liner I have another one made by another company and I don't like it.  You don't need special laundry detergent or sprays for the diapers if you plan to wash them daily.  OxiClean works great to keep them looking like new and plain old baking soda and vinegar works wonders to get the odor out, so save your money on buying those "special" sprays.  I use odor free Arm and Hammer detergent and it works great and is cheap.  Don't be worried about cleaning them out.  This is my nightly routine:
  • Spray out the poop diapers over the toilet using the BumGenius sprayer
  • Remove the pads from the diapers and make sure all velcro tabs are secured to the wash tab and put in the washing machine
  • Turn wet bag inside out and place in the washer
  • Add a little vinegar to the wash and then put on rinse with warm water
  • Once the rinse and spin is done then I wash them with some Arm and Hammer detergent, OxiClean powder and Baking soda again on warm
  • Then one more rinse and spin
  • In the morning I put the covers on the rack to dry along with some of my wet bags (the thirsties one is awesome because it can go in the drier) then I put the inserts in the drier with a dry towel for about 45 mins on Med-High heat
  • Then once everything is dry I put the diapers together
It sounds like a lot of work and yes it takes time but not that much and it is so worth it to save money, prevent diaper rash, keep all the mess in the diaper and to keep from running out of diapers.

I hope you all found this helpful and if you have any questions please let me know :-)

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