Friday, June 15, 2012

Y..M..C..A......... It's fun to stay at the...

Earlier this week I canceled our membership to the gym we had been going to.  You know the gyms full of 20 somethings with guys showing their muscles, grunting really lowed and dropping weights (the LOOK at ME kind of guy).  With the girls "working out" in their tight shorts and sports bras doing more "working on getting a date" then sweating.
Ahh a love connection at the juice bar.  These are the type of people that went to our old gym.

Yesterday we joined our local YMCA and we love it.  You go in and right away you can see they are all about Families, kids running around parents chatting with other parents.  Because it took us about 45 mins to sign up (they have new software, ugh) I ended up feeding Annabelle before putting her in the nursery.  As I sat there this little girl started talking to me.  She said she liked our shoes (we have the 5 toed shoes and have had them way before they became popular).  She asked about Annabelle's name and said "Awww I like her name".  The little girl was probably not older than 6 and she had 2 younger sisters who are not as chatty as her.  My point is the Y is a place for families and little kids are welcome and included.  At our old gym they wouldn't watch Annabelle until she was 6 months and at that all the kids went in one big room.  At the Y the little little kids are in a separate room.

Annabelle did great yesterday and she was so quiet (I think she was just taking it all in).  It felt wonderful to be in a place to work out with average people just trying to stay healthy or get healthy.  It also felt great to finally go to a gym and work out period.  I have not done that in many months!

The YMCA is a place for Families and it is now our place.
I am looking forward to doing Mommy and Me swim with Annabelle come fall and we are also looking forward to having a pool we can go hang out at when the days are hot and we want to cool off.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a Happy Fathers Day!  This weekend you will find me painting the office as our new Pottery Barn Desks are coming next Friday (sooooo excited we have wanted these for a very long time).

Take Care :-)

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  1. So happy that you joined a gym you love! I'm with you on the meathead steroid/barbie doll gyms...ick...I couldn't stand when I was a member of Bally's ten yrs ago. We were members of the YMCA a cpl yrs ago and loved it. We plan on joining back after we have a baby.
    Enjoy the Mommy n' Me friend takes them and loves them!


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