Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Remembering How Small Annabelle Was

This past weekend as I was going through Annabelle's little outfits that she was to big to wear anymore :-( I came across the only outfit that fit her when she was first born.  It is a up to 7 lbs. outfit that I bought because it was so darn cute, it was on clearance, and just in case she was that tiny.  I really didn't think she would ever wear it when I started looking at it compared to the NewBorn outfits we had.   But even though she was one week late my little peanut was still just under 6 lbs. and she got to wear it several times.

Holding it in my hands I realized I couldn't cut it up for a quilt I am going to make her so I held it up to a frame that was in our guest room and realized it was a perfect size to frame it.  So I took down that picture and found some left over fabric I had and put together my own little memory peace of art.  As she grows she will be amazed to see just how small she really was when she was born, when she was my our little peanut.

Annabelle's outfit framed to hand on her wall


  1. that is such a sweet idea, rachel. omygoodness, SO tiny and i love the pattern!!
    i hope you all are doing well and having a great august. <3

  2. What a great memento and idea!!

  3. I've thought about doing something like this but can't decide which outfit to use!
    Such a cute idea I'm sure she will love it when she's older :)


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