Sunday, February 10, 2013

Surprise Baby Shower

This is the quilt I made the Mom to be and the Mom!
Since before Christmas a couple friends and I had been planning a baby shower for a friend who was having a little girl. This was her second child but her first was a boy and we didn't know her then so we wanted to do something nice.

 Today was the day! It started kind of rocky because the Mom to be had the stomach bug the day before and she had txt me and said she couldn't come. I almost cried. So I had to tell her about the shower and asked if she felt ok if she could please come and no one would hug her so she wouldn't get anyone sick. So she was able to make it phewww....
All the food I made
I made the cake and the baby on top
Hand made decorations
The food again
A close up of our pom pom flowers

All and all it turned out to be a great day!


  1. Everything looks so nice! What a thoughtful surprise :)

  2. Rachel, the shower is beautiful!! How sweet of you to plan such a special day for your friend! I love the are so creative in so many ways!! Everything is so pretty! She's lucky to have you in her life! Xoxox


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