Tuesday, February 12, 2013

11 Months Old

So I'm a little late ok 9 days late, but hey better late then never.

Annabelle is 11 months old now and has 4 teeth and one ready to come through any day now.  Her hair is long enough to get in pigtails now and let me tell you she is so darn cute.  She is pulling herself up and walking while holding onto things, it won't be long before she is walking.

We finally baby proofed the kitchen and put all the locks on the cabinets because it was becoming impossible to get anything done because she would either open the cabinets or stand and yell from the other room because she wants to be with you.

She is starting to eat more finger foods and she tends to waste the baby food though she still loves her bottle.  Lord help us I hope she starts eating more so when she comes off the bottle it is easy.

I'm started to notice her playing with other kids now and it's so cute.  Here are some pictures from her 11 month mini shoot we did (taking these alone is pretty darn hard these days).

"Ummm excuse me, give me my book back."


Being a model is so hard!

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  1. Happy eleven months to sweet Annabelle!! Rachel, she is so so pretty! Ahh, I can't take the pigtails!! She has such beautiful hair (and has since she was born). You take such wonderful photos!! Crazy she will be one in less than a month! So happy for you! Have a sweet night! Xoxox


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