Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Adventures of Putting the Pack'n Play Together

Tonight we decided to put together the Pack'n Play together.  For all of you who will be doing this task in the future I would advise that you read all the direction before starting.  Obviously by the previous statement you can probably gather by now that we did not read all the directions before starting.  It started out looking like it would be easy but just as we would finish one thing we would realize that we need to undo what we just did because we missed a step.  All I can say is this Pack'n Play probably won't be getting packed up and taken any were any time soon.  I will say though that I do like the Graco system with the infant sleeper and the changing table and we have it in our family room so our little pumpkin can nap down stairs and so we don't have to run up and down stairs to change diapers all day :-)

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  1. hooray, rachel!! so happy to see you're well on your way into the second trimester! you go girl!
    hope it brings you more energy and sweet dreams. can't wait to see more pics as your progress!
    have a great start to your week <3
    maria :)


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