Monday, August 29, 2011

The Best Baby Product Book

I had been telling some friends that I wish there was a consumer reports book that covered just baby stuff.  Someone mentioned there was a book so I started looked and this weekend I came across this book and it gets an A+ from me.

The Baby Bargains book 9th edition is easy to read and the rating scale is very easy to understand.  It covers a lot of the big ticket items along with things like bottles, clothing, diaper bags and slings.  It also has sample registry in the back so you don't forget an item you might need.

This book is designed to help you not waste money on things that really are not needed or are over priced or not good quality, as well as giving you ratings on items to make sure your money is well spent.

This book was money well spent as I have already changed some of my registry items and also found the items I did get were a good buy (that made me happy).

If you are expecting and are not sure what you need or what is good then I would suggest picking up this book! 

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