Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dr. Apt. and Getting the Room Ready

Today I had a Dr. apt that lasted all of 5 minutes with the Dr.  It went something like this:
  • Check in 
  • Get called back 
  • Give a urine sample (as usually - what are they checking it for anyways?)
  • Weight check (didn't go up from the last time yay!)
  • Blood pressure check (no concerns)
  • Sit in room on table and wait and wait (thankfully he didn't take to long)
  • Then Dr. comes in "Hey I am Dr. Blah blah I don't think we have met before" me "Yes we have back when blah blah" Dr. "Oh"
  • Dr. has me lay down to listen to the babies heartbeat 
  • He goes "Oh there it is" and then stops and I don't really get to hear it and he doesn't tell me what the bpm are
  • Dr. then tells me to come back for blood work in 3 weeks using an acronym I have not heard and when I ask what that stood for he acted bothered to tell me
  • Dr. then tells me to setup my 18 week ultra sound appointment in 4 weeks
  • He turns and tells me now that we have a heartbeat at 14 weeks our chance of miscarriage goes way down
  • Dr. leaves my chart on the counter and walks out and leaves the door open, thanks dude I needed to fix my shirt and pants
Needless to say I don't care for this one Dr. in this practice.  I am so glad Jerry didn't come because it really was a waste of time, seeing as though I have a doppler at home to hear the babies heartbeat.  But I am happy that tomorrow marks 14 weeks!!!!!!  I am feeling good, just tired because I have weird dreams and wake up several times a night to use the restroom or just because.

I found someone on Etsy that makes the alphabet letters like in my inspiration room and I had been eying them for some time now.  I didn't want to buy the letters until I got a little further along.  Sooooo yesterday I ordered them and Jerry and I will paint them and put them up when we do the trim work in the room.
This is the picture form the Etsy listing


  1. Yay! 14 weeks! I'm working on the nursery too. Can't wait to see how yours looks when you're done. :)

  2. Oh those letters are very cool. Can't wait to see what you do with them. I am feeling very uninspired about the babys amazing ideas are jumping out at me. I need some inspiration!!

    Congrats on 14 weeks!! Getting closer to the halfway point!! xx

  3. Unfortunately you can probably get used to appts like that. They see prego ladies all day long and take for granted that you know everything. Keep asking your's their job after all.

  4. So happy you're moving right along rachel!! And omygoodness, those letters you picked out are adorable!! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the nursery!!


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