Sunday, June 2, 2013

15 Months Old

Our little munchkin is going to be 15 months old in just a few short hours.  Oh how she has grown.  Over the past month she has started to get more confidence in walking and now she can stand up and walk from one thing to another.  She isn't confident enough to try to go for long distances.  Soon enough she will be though.

She loves climbing the stairs and she can go down the stairs too.  She is a sesame street fan and loves Elmo.  She has one molar through in the upper left and she is working on 3 others (OUCH).

She can say Mommy and Daddy but usually only when the other one isn't doing what she wants.  She can do things like go get a specific item if told to or show us she is hungry or thirsty by getting our attention and going to the fridge.  She loves to say "HI" and now she has started saying "Bye" any time we kiss her.  She seems to think being in the living room and kissing her means so one is leaving.  She will wave bye when people come and go but she really doesn't like when Mommy leaves without her.  She is used to be my shadow now so Mommy leaving alone is unheard of in her mind. :-)

She is a very happy little girl who makes us laugh.  She has her bad days though when she whines mostly because of her teeth or boredom because she is a true people person and loves to be around her friends or out and about getting smiles and attention for her pig tails.  At a restaurant she will smile continually at each person that walks by in the hopes that one will smile back and oh boy when they do she turns on the charm.  It breaks my heart when some people don't look at her, I mean how could you not smile at that big grin.  If you don't have a child just know that when you stop and smile at a baby it warms the heart of the Mommy and Daddy too.

She is our little princes, silly girl, poop poop head and little Annabelly.  We love her with all our might and I couldn't imaging our lives without her.

Today at the park

Happy 15th Month Baby Girl!

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