Monday, November 14, 2011

Some More Baby Gear...

As promised Sunday we ran by SmartMomma and picked up a few more things.  I got the bobby pillow I wanted for her as Babies R Us only carries it online and they don't take coupons online and I had a $25 off a $100 at SmartMomma coupon.  It's cute it is pink with a butterfly on it.

We also got 2 more BumGenius cloth diapers and the sprayer that hooks up to the toilet (Jerry should have fun putting that in).  I had been eyeing the pocket nanny so I went ahead and got that also. 

Jerry also tried on the Ergo baby carrier that we want (I had to watch you tube videos to figure out how to put on correctly... LOL).  I think we are going to get the brown one as Jerry said he doesn't want to wear one that is to girly... LOL.  This will also be a SmartMomma buy as the only other place to get it is online.  Maybe in a couple of weeks we will go get that next, we will see. I am kind of working on the what is priority principle for buying things now and cloth diapers are a must now.

We had a great weekend as we got to have dinner and see a good movie.  Jerry also got the molding up and all we need to do with it now is calk it and paint it white.   I also finished the quit and will post pictures as soon as I take some. It came out so much better than the first one and I washed and dried it and all is well.

We also picked up a gift for ourselves, a couple iPod Nanos and we are going to use my old one in Annabelle's room.  It's pretty neat and they are oh so small now.  We ventured over to Container store yesterday and I found the most perfect little branch shaped cast iron clothing hanger for her room over the dresser.  We are getting there!

It was a busy weekend but we got a lot done and we also got to have fun and the weather rocked!  So all and all it was an A+ weekend :-)

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  1. The BRU by us has Ergo in store, did you check to see if they have it?


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