Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving, Busy Weekend and Reaching 27 Weeks!


Usually we spend our Thanksgiving in Maine but this year because we did not want to travel this far into our pregnancy we spend this year at home.  Jerry and I made a full Thanksgiving dinner for ourselves and made enough to have plenty of left overs. 

Our bird came out just right and this year the cracker stuffing was awesome.  Jerry made some giblet gravy from scratch and it was just what we needed to finish off the meal.

In an effort to try to feel like I had wine we had got some alcohol free wine, um yeah not the same.  LOL
Our spread and no as I said that isn't "real" wine
Busy Weekend:

This weekend Jerry and I did hit the shops to see what kind of deals we could find on clothing.  Jerry did find some good buys and we got little Annabelle some outfits from the Carters outlet as everything was 50% off.  We also found me a Birthday gift as my 33rd Birthday is right around the corner Dec. 7th, COACH was having a BIG sale at the outlets and being I never could justify getting a bag from there these prices were to good to pass up.  So as my Birthday gift Jerry got me a nice leather red bag!

We also got our Christmas tree up and some decorations up in our family room.  Right now as I write this I am sitting in front of our tree with our fire place going and our stockings all hung from the mantel, and Annabelle is listening to some Christmas music by Michael Buble on the belly buds, LOVE Christmas.  Annabelle seems to love it too because she is moving all around in there.

Today we actually made it to Church for the first time in a long time and we picked up a tag from the Angel Tree.  It's a 4 yr old little boy in need of a Christmas.  On the tag it asked for some pants so we got him 2 pairs of pants but also put in a shirt and a coloring book, because what 4 yr old "wants" clothing for Christmas.  We would of got him another gift but I am not sure how the Angel tree works at our Church, they might of put his requests for toys on another tag.  It felt good to do something for someone in need, lord only knows we all have been on the other end of that or know someone who has.

It's been great having 4 days off but we really have been very busy between cooking, shopping, decorating and doing the usual grocery shopping and cleaning it has been one busy weekend.  I just wish we had another 4 day weekend next week :-)

27 Weeks:

Have you seen the counter on my blog?  Today it reads 89, can you believe it, we are now not just under the 3 digits we are under 90 days until our little pumpkin arrives!  I am feeling big these days and I can feel her moving around more often now.  I read children books to her when I get a chance before drifting off to sleep and we also have our music times too were she gets to listen to some lullaby music or like tonight a special treat of some Christmas music.  Jerry is able to feel her kicks now more often.  I am having a hard time getting up and walking it's almost like I need a warm up because my hips feel tight.  My feet seem to throb when I am on them for any length of time and I am still having some swelling in my feet and hands, to be expected.  But for the most part I am feeling ok, I just think it is the extra weight that is causing my biggest issues.

Next week we have 2 big updates coming; 1 we have our 1hr glucose test on Friday and 2 we are going for another 3D/4D ultrasound to take a peek at Annabelle and get a final good shot of her little face in the womb before we meet her in person here shortly.

For our small business Saturday purchase we got some more cloth diapers and we had a $25 off coupon plus the $25 we get back from American Express for shopping small.  All and all we got each diaper for about 9 dollars and usually they cost about 18.

There are still several things we need to get for Annabelle but that will have to wait until we see what my bonus is like come Dec. We did order a monitor off Amazon as they had a good deal this past week saving us almost $30 on it.  We have been using our registry really to keep track of things we need and the brands we want as we do the research and just marking it off from there, it works!  Boy am I glad we started getting stuff as we went along because I can't imagine having to get all this in the third trimester can you say expensive!

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoyed some good food and great company.  For those of you who are not in the States I hope you are getting into the Holiday season and having fun doing it!


  1. rachel, that turkey looks amazing. as well as your dinner. you're right, non-alcoholic wine is NOT the same. hahaha i have tried it when pregnant before and was like, um, i'll take a caffeine free soda! ;)
    so glad you and jerry got to enjoy a nice day together.
    your tree is so pretty and your fireplace is beautiful. i like that there are 3 stockings!! :)
    what a milestone, right!!?
    wishing you a very wonderful december. and a very healthy, happy last trimester!!!
    lots of love,
    maria <3

  2. Thank you so much Maria! You are right having 3 stockings is a big milestone for us!


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