Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Am I really going to be another year older tomorrow?

How is it that time can fly by  for some things and seem to crawl for others?  It just seems like yesterday I was celebrating my 32nd Birthday and now tomorrow I will be celebrating my 33rd Birthday.   But yet now that I am waiting for little Annabelle the weeks seems to go just a little slower and I am sure when she gets here and I want time to slow down things will pick up to light speed.

Tomorrow I am going out to dinner with my favorite person, my wonderful husband.  This will be my last Birthday without our little girl and I can't wait to celebrate my Birthday with my husband and little girl.  I am sure this time next year it will feel like someone turned on the fast forward button on me.

A big thank you to those who have already sent me cards, each and everyone one of them made me smile!


  1. i hope you had a fabulous birthday, rachel!!!
    this is such a very special birthday for you!! i hope you and jerry had a wonderful time!
    maria <3


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