Thursday, December 22, 2011

Found a Doula and a Pediatrician

It sure has been a busy week with Christmas right around the corner and us trying to cross off things on our "To Do" list.  We went and met the Doula's we had found and we really like them and are very happy with our decision to have a Doula present at our birth experience.  There are 3 Doula's in the practice so we are assured to get someone who is fresh and awake and if we labor goes beyond a day we will have a new fresh Doula come in to help through the rest of the time.  They really seem to love their jobs and they are very informed.  Here is a link to the their site

What is a Doula you ask?  They will help us with the following:
  • Helping with alternative pain relief for those who don't want medication for pain relief.
  • Being an advocate for our wishes (they can't speak for us but can help us better understand what is happening so we can make the right choice).
  • Help be there for emotional support for Jerry and I, so Jerry will be able to get a break if the labor goes long.
  •  They will come to our home to help us labor if we would like them to.
  •  They know a lot of the policies at a hospital and they can help our wishes to be met.
  •  If we would like them to they can take pictures for us (of course respecting any boundaries on what type of pictures)
We are very much looking forward to  working with them during the birth of our little Annabelle.

For the Pediatrician we went to a prenatal visit with a couple of other expecting parents.  This practice seems to be GREAT!  They gave us a very informative package of information and spent time talking to us about what to expect in the hospital at birth and how the practice works.  They are open 364 days a week and available 24/7, I mean seriously I have never heard of that and that is AWESOME!!  They are located in the building that is attached to were we will be having the baby and I especially like that they have different waiting rooms for sick kids vs. well kids vs. teenagers vs. infants.  Here is their website . I think we found a great fit for our little Annabelle and I am very happy we will always have someone to call day or night in case of illness. 

31 Weeks:
Tomorrow is 31 weeks and I am very excited and feeling more ready every day.  We still have a bunch to do and buy but now that we have the Doula and the Dr. I feel better and more ready.  I do need to take a picture of my belly so you all can see what it looks like but it really isn't as big as I thought it would be.  She is riding really low on me so most of it is below my belly button line.

Little Annabelle is still right at home and been kicking and moving around more and more.  We are now seeing our OB every two weeks and soon we change over to once a week.  So 9 more weeks to go and I just think back to waiting till 12 weeks before we could tell people and I keep saying that time went by fast so this will too!

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday!!!  We defiantly have had our prayers answered this year and  I thank God every day for all his blessings this past year has brought.  I still get emotional when I think of our little one that we lost on Christmas last year and our second little one we lost in April but I know everything happens for a reason and we were blessed to have them with us for the time we did.

Merry Christmas to All!

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