Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas!  Jerry and I have had a great Christmas.  I feel so spoiled this year and Jerry said the same, we didn't get each other outrageous gifts but we got thoughtful and meaningful gifts.  Being pregnant and emotional I cried a little when I saw he had got me a new charm for my pandora bracelet, it's to rings on a pillow and one has a little diamond in it.  It's was a charm to represent our marriage.  I love it!

I also got an awesome mono pod for my camera and it rocks!  I have wanted one for sometime now and I can't wait to start using it.

I got Jerry new cuff links that are monogrammed and he loved them.  He also got a heart rate monitor for when he works out.

We both also got each other things we needed but just wouldn't spring on for ourselves :-)

Annabelle wasn't left out this year either.  She got some books and a few toys along with some leg warmers, socks, hat, pacifiers and a Sofia Giraffe.  We can't wait until next year when we have her here with us to open gifts and enjoy a good family Christmas.

All of Annabelle's Goodies
Today we have been laying around in comfy clothing all day and we are making a good old Yankee Pot Roast for dinner, it is yummy and so easy to make and clean up. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! I hope everyone have a wonderful New Year and may 2012 bring you everything you have been hoping for :-)

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  1. i love that you got annabelle presents. ahhh, i am a little obsessed with baby leg warmers. steve and i have this thing...i told him if we ever have a boy, he's totally rockin' them. steve says, what?! no way!
    so i tease him that the baby will be in them from 9-5 while steve's at work.
    seriously though, if we ever had a boy...he's so wearin' them :)

    you and jerry are such a wonderful couple. so glad you got to spend a beautiful christmas together <3


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