Friday, January 20, 2012

35 Weeks - Baby Shower!

Story of Baby Shower #2

On Fridays I work from home.  Today I had got up and taken a shower and put on my "comfy" cloths without doing my hair or working (what's the point I am just sitting in the house all day).  Jerry and I had breakfast and off to work he went.  At about 11am I get a message from Jerry that I need to go to the baby shower at his work.  Ok I knew they had planned a shower but never was told what day or time.  So I was totally confused, I asked so what day and time is it (thinking it was maybe next week he was talking about).  The phone rings and Jerry says I am on my way to get you (he had taken my car to work), huh?  Still confused "is it today? is it now?" I ask him.  

"Yes I am so sorry I didn't realize that it was today until just now" Jerry said.  

Oh great! So I finish up what I was doing for work and "run" (pregnant woman don't run) up stairs to get ready.  I quickly do my hair and make-up and Jerry got home as I was doing my make-up.  He helps me by ironing my pants.  I get dressed then out the door we go for lunch at his work (only took me 20 minutes to get ready, pretty good I think).

We arrived at his office and they had a big spread of all kinds of yummy food and they had decorated the room so nicely.  

The wonderful cake they had made!
They even had a cake made to match the invitations, very cute cake and it tasted yummy too!  It was nice to meet all of Jerry's co-workers.

After eating lunch it was time to open some gifts and have some cake.

We got lots of good things and I was so surprised that everyone did so much for us.  
Jerry and I Opening Gifts
The yummy cake
We then had some of that wonderful, yummy cake!  It was even as pretty on the inside of the cake as it was on the outside!

The funniest thing was everyone thought I would be really frustrated and made because I had to rush to get there, but that isn't the type of person I am.  I would never be mad when others were trying to do something nice for us.  It was an honest mistake that Jerry missed the date and time when he reviewed the invitations.  We are very grateful for the time his co-workers put into putting together the shower and to celebrate our little Annabelle.  I had been thinking for some time that we wouldn't even have a shower at all being our family is not around here but instead we had two with our work families.  

A special thank you goes out to Marilyn who worked so very hard to put together the shower, we truly appreciate all of the hard work she put into it.  What a great day!  Oh and I did return home after lunch and went right back to work as I am trying to wrap things up before little Annabelle decides to arrive.

All of the wonderful gifts we got, including a Target $100 gift card.



  1. how stinkin' sweet of his co-workers!! the cake is absolutely adorable! omygosh, one of the cutest cakes i've seen in a long time!
    you got so many wonderful gifts, rachel!!
    i'm glad you and jerry had a sweet time!
    wishing you a happy week <3

  2. Thank you Maria it was very very nice of them to do this for us. We are very lucky!! Sending you HUGS!


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