Monday, January 2, 2012

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Check out this big giveaway on "After the Bump" Blog!!!

Our Weekend:
We had a nice long weekend and made some headway on getting organized in this house.  After being in the home for almost a year it has taken us some time to figure out what we wanted to do for decorating and taken some time to save up some money to buy those "nice to have" items.

On Saturday we had our new couch for our formal living room delivered.  It is a brown leather couch with nail heads in it.  It isn't 100% leather and we found it on clearance for $499!!!  The couch is very comfy and for as much as it will be used it will do the trick.  The formal room is going to a reading/play room; I know those don't go together to well so I am guessing it will be more of a playroom.  We saw a chair today at Sams club that was in the clearance section that is 100% leather that would like nice in there but it isn't necessary right now and we will wait until we save up for what we want.

We also got our bonus room cleaned up and made room for my photography studio equipment, Woohooo.  I ordered a posing puck off Etsy to have a place to setup little Annabelle for pictures and now I have my lights all out and my backdrop stand ready to go.  All I need now are some cute little knit headbands and hats and white textured fabric or blanket.

Gifts for Annabelle:  My sister sent Annabelle a cute little bib that says something to the effect of  "My Aunt is Hot and Single".  LOL... My Mom and Step dad sent her the "A child's Gift of Lullabyes" CD and a little book.  Thanks Mom and Holly we love the gifts!

How am I feeling?:
I am having a hard time sleeping for long periods of time.  I seem to sleep for 2-3 hrs then wake to go pee or because I am hungry.  My hip flexors really hurt today and when I stand up it takes me a few minutes to get going and then the pain stops.  My feet of course hurt from the extra weight and I feel plump.  I am feeling ok considering that I am 32 weeks 3 days pregnant.  I am very tired all the time though and so not looking forward to returning to the office tomorrow after the productive 3 day weekend.

Happy 2012 to you all and may this year be full of blessings!

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