Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bad Day...

Last night I did stay in bed almost all night except for my usual 3am bathroom break.  But when I woke up I still felt exhausted, but why I mean I actually was in bed all night.  Oh well got to push through it I thought and got up and got ready for work.

Jerry made our breakfast and we sat to eat our oatmeal.  I couldn't finish it all (tummy is smaller than usual).  As I was sitting down getting ready to put on my shoes all of a sudden my stomach felt tight and not so good.  I told Jerry I am not feeling so good.  Then ut oh I felt like breakfast was coming back up.  I ran off to the bathroom and sure enough it all came back up.  Jerry was great and he held my hair back and got me a wet towel for my face to calm me down.  He is the best!

If I wasn't tired before that (which I was) now I was very worn out.  My stomach even though it was now empty still didn't feel well.  So I had to make the choice to put my health ahead of going to work (to me there is no choice there), even though I had a busy day ahead of me.  

After updating people at work and moving meetings around.  I had some ginger ale to calm down my tummy and I laid down on the couch and ended up falling asleep for almost 2hrs.  Normally I don't nap, so when I woke up I knew I must of needed it.  

I spent most of the day in a fog and did a lot of resting.  I had a light lunch to make sure I could keep it down and I did, so tomorrow I don't think I will have oatmeal for breakfast.  But really I don't know what caused this.  

Thankfully this is coming to an end because I will be 9 months pregnant on Friday and all I want to do is rest and get to the point when she comes but it seems I can't do that because I still working, still getting ready for her to come, still having to do this and that.  I think people forget that I am very close to 9 months pregnant because my body type isn't one to have a BIG round belly (frustrating). 

Every day it seems to get harder but it will be well worth it!


  1. i'm so sorry you had such a tough day, rachel. i'm glad you got to rest and stay home. jerry sounds awesome. i'm sending you feel better thoughts and hope tomorrow is a great one <3

  2. Hey you! Just wanted to say thank you for finding me on fb! :) happy we're friends!!
    Have a sweet weekend! Xoxoxo


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