Monday, January 16, 2012

34 Weeks, Baby Class and Doula Home Visit

34 Weeks
On Friday we hit our 34 week mark and we are very excited about it.  We had a Dr. appointment and I really like the Dr. we met with on Friday.  She showed Jerry how feel for the baby and how to know where her head, back and little bum is.  He loves knowing that he can feel for her and we joke that she in there going "Why are you rubbing my bum?"  LOL

Little Annabelle is head down and laying on her side facing to the left.  She is not able to move as much any more but I can feel her little hands and feet move around a bit.  Last night I think Jerry startled her when he was cleaning the garbage disposal and turned it on with ice in it.  As soon as he turned it on it felt like she jumped and kicked her feet out, he he he he.  You would think she hears so much in there that something like that wouldn't effect her but it was to funny that as soon as he did that I felt bam, bam, bam on my ribs...

Walking is getting harder on my feet and I am having hip pain when I sit for a long time and then get up.  Last night I had really bad sharp pains in my lower back when I tried to stand up and Jerry had to massage it before I could get up.

But as far as over all pregnancy goes we are doing well just very tired all the time and I feel like I don't have time or energy to get everything done that we need to.  I am also only getting 2 mayyybeee 3 full nights of sleep a week, other wise like tonight I am up every 2-3 hrs and end up down stairs on the couch watching TV.   Usually that makes me feel like crud the next day.  But she will be here soon!!!

Baby Class
On Saturday Jerry and I went to an all day (8:30-5) baby class at the hospital.  It was a lot of information for one day and where I didn't sleep well the night before I found myself yawning often and so did Jerry.  The class went over everything from the stages of labor to infant care.  The part I was looking forward to the most was seeing the maternity ward and seeing an example of a delivery room.  The hospital is very nice and doesn't smell like a hospital and the rooms are private and comfortable.  It really helped me relax seeing the room and knowing what we need to do when we go there.

The instructor was great but I am thinking that maybe taking the couple day version might of been helpful to break it up some.  It really made for a long day.

Doula Home Visit
Yesterday 2 of our Doulas came to our home to visit and talk to us.  We got to meet Bonny who was out helping a mother deliver a baby when we went to meet the Doulas for the first time and she was very nice.  Poor Kristy blew her tire hitting the curb outside or house and had to keep running outside to meet the road side service.  No biggy.

We went over our birth wishes with them and talked about situations.  Honestly I don't know how I will be when I am in labor but Jerry thinks I will want to be left alone (cave mom), we will see.  I don't mean alone as in no one with me more in no one talk to me or touch me, but this is much different than any pain I have had before so I am sure I will react a little different.

Everything is falling into place and we can't wait for little Annabelle to be here!!


  1. that is so crazy and cute that she could hear the garbage disposal. rachel, omygoodness, you are soo close. i'm so happy for you!
    glad everything is falling into place <3


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