Thursday, January 5, 2012

What a Surprise!!

Story of Surprise Shower

Last Night:  First let me say that last night I didn't sleep so well after waking up at 2am to Jerry snoring (he doesn't usually snore) and our smoke detector outside our bedroom doing that annoying BEEP... 2 sec.... BEEP.... REPEAT over and over and over again.  Needless to say getting back to sleep and staying asleep wasn't going to happen.  So I got up and figured if I went down to the living room and turned on the TV that would drowned out the BEEP... BEEP, no such luck.  I would dose of a bit just to wake up 15 minutes later to the BEEP.

Why is it smoke detector batteries always die in the middle of the night?

Finally it dawned on me that I had ear plugs in my nightstand and that would be just the trick to stop the constant sound of that annoying smoke detector BEEP.  So at 4:30am I went back upstairs and put my ear plugs in and went fast asleep until that annoying thing called an alarm went off at 6:30am.  Needless to say with a night of interrupted "sleep" if you can call it sleep I wasn't feeling so well in the morning.  But I had a busy day at work ahead of me and knew I had to get going.  The funny thing is Jerry (who knew about this shower today) was saying that it was to bad I couldn't stay home today (he knew I wouldn't even if he told me I should).

The point is I almost didn't make it to the office today, if it wasn't for my very busy day and lack of having my work computer at home.  I might not have been in the office.

The Shower:  Today as I mentioned above I had a day full of meetings so I really didn't notice people disappearing all at the same time around 1pm or that Danielle totally got me to move away from the office were the gifts were by having me walk to the cafe with her earlier in the day.  I was totally oblivious!

I was in a meeting until 12:30pm then I shoveled down my lunch and went off to a meeting room to meet up with Danielle and Chuck at 1pm.  Chuck and I were sitting in the room waiting for Danielle, chatting about our project when we were like "hmmm where is Danielle it is 9 past."  So I shot her an IM to see if we were still meeting and she said her last meeting ran over and would we mind coming up to the room she was in?  I joked with Chuck "Oh sure make the pregnant woman move" said with a laugh.

So Chuck and I went upstairs and headed towards the conference room and as Chuck passed the one I thought she would be in to head to another one I was confused but still had no clue.  Until I rounded the corner and I then was thinking "Why is Danielle in the room with... Oh wait that's baby stuff...".  LOL I was totally surprised, I had no idea.

We got lots of GREAT things for little Annabelle!  They did so much and they even got us a diaper bag with Annabelle's Monogram along with some things I even didn't think of.  We played the classic melted chocolate in a diaper game (I am not so good at guessing my melted candies).   Danielle had even got us a cake with little roses on it for (Annabelle Rose), it was a very yummy cake!

Danielle also brought in the BIG storage bin of hand me down clothes ranging from 3 to 12 months (love hand me downs).  The outfits are so cute, man Annabelle is going to be better dressed than her mom and dad. 

Today was a GREAT day even with all the meetings (which went well I might add)!  A BIG thank you to my work family and to my wonderful husband who kept this all a secret!

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  1. aww rachel, it looks like you got a lot of wonderful gifts for your baby girl! how sweet!
    i know exactly what you mean about the smoke detector beeping. ours does that too sometimes. and the mr, well, he snores down the house just about every single night ;)
    i hope january is treating you well!
    maria <3


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