Monday, April 2, 2012

1 Month Old

On Saturday our little peanut turned 1 month old!  Can you believe it?  Time does fly.  It just seems like yesterday I was wondering when she was going to make her grand entrance into the world.  We love our little peanut and we are now starting to get in the grove of things.

Clothing Size:  Newborn (some are still big but she is growing more now)

Sleeping:  She is sleeping in her crib at night and usually only gets up to eat once during the night and once at about 5am or 6:30am

New Developments:  She is smiling more these days and she seems to be seeing better and able to follow us with her eyes now

Eating:  She is eating mostly formula and she will eat any were from 1oz to 4oz depending on how much she slept I do still breast feed her for a little bit but really she isn't getting much from me


  1. rachel, annabelle is GORGEOUS i love her expression and all that hair!
    ahh, that little birdie onesie is adorable...and the quilt, so pretty! she is a stylin' little girl already! :)
    times does is crazy <3
    i hope you and your family are having a wonderful night.
    happy april :)

  2. She's absolutely beautiful! Love her precious smile!

  3. Thank you ladies! That little 1 Month Birdie is a set of stickers I ordered and you just put them on a white onsie. :-)


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