Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday Everyone

Message to a couple of my readers

Maria - Thank you so much for your comments and I hope everything is going well with you and I hope your apt. went as planned this week :-)

Brenda - Sure I will post more on the cloth diapers we are using. Right now we are still doing half and half trying to get her and us used to them. They are a little on the bulkie side and it makes it hard to button her onsie so for comfort sake I try to get a disposable on her when she is going to nap. So far I have not cleaned a poop cloth diaper yet, so not looking forward to that.

Update on Annabelle

6 Weeks Old

She is doing great and growing bigger every day! She is now fitting well into her newborn clothing and has even got a bit to long for some of them although she had plenty of room around the tummy.

I feel so lucky because she is a great sleeper at night. From the time she was 3 weeks old we started putting her in her room and crib to sleep and she loves it. I give her a bottle and rock with her with either music going or white noise and usually she falls asleep right away, sometime she gets gas and is fussy but that is maybe once a week. Then she will either get me up at 3am or 4am the timing of this depends on how much she eats before falling asleep and if she has a messy diaper.

Speaking of poop, lol... Since being on formula she seems to only poop once or twice a day and boy are they massive poop diapers. The Dr. said formula babies usually go less often. I wish we could of breast feed because it would of been better for both of us but it just wasn't in the card for us, maybe the next one my Milk will come in better.

We have found that she really enjoys palying on her play mat in the morning after her breakfast bottle. She is getting more exprssive and smiling more. This morning I swear she was dancing to the musice.

During the day she likes to take cat naps vs long naps and usually thi happens in her swing. But if we take her out to dinner or shopping she passes out in the car and sleeps right through while we eat and shop. For now she is so easy to go out with we just make sure to feed her before we go and she will sleep for hours while we are out.

Update on Me

On April 11th Jerry and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary and he spoiled me. We went out for a wonderful dinner last Friday while my family was here to watch Annabelle and on our Anniversary he gave me an iPad 3 that I have been saying I wanted along with a case with a keyboard for it. I love it so much because I can face time with my family who lives far away and I feel more connected with them. It's great to be able to see my nieces and talk to them because they like being on face time but they are not big on talking on the phone. I spend time with my oldest niece on it and I felt like I was right there with her because she showed me her dance and showed me her crafts she did.

6 Week Postpartum Dr. Visit

Yesterday I had my postpartum 6 week visit and all went well. My Dr. did a pap smear because I was do for one and she told me everything is good. My BP is back to normal 118/75 which is great.

My emotions are getting back to normal and I am feeling much better. Since I wasn't able to breast feed I am not getting the weight loss benefit any more but now that I am at the 6 week mark I can start to get back to being more active.

Now that we are past the first few weeks and things are getting a little more under control we have discussed #2. I want a bit of time to recover and loss some weight and enjoy some time with Annabelle. Because I will be 34 this year we don't want to wait to long so we will probably try again later next year. Next time around it won't be just Jerry and I and I will have to keep up with a toddler. We will also need to have someone come watch Annabelle while we are in the hospital. Lots to think of but we have time!

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