Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back to the Weight Battle

This was me June 2010 feeling good
I have always struggled with my weight and in 2008 I had joined Weight Watchers for the 10 thousands time in my life (well not really but you know what I mean).  I managed to lose about 35 pounds in a year and I was happy with that as long as I was going down.  Then I hired a personal trainer and I drop another 16 pounds in the second year and gained a lot of muscle.  I was then thinner than I had been in a very long time, I weighed less than I did in high school and I felt great!  Of course I donated all my "fat clothing" as I was never going back there.

Well WELCOME to back there.

After my first 2 miscarriages and not being on my depression medication really got the best of me and I put back on 30 pounds before I even got pregnant with Annabelle.  I then put on another 44 pounds during my pregnancy.  I managed to drop about 20 pounds within the first 3 weeks after I had her (mostly baby and water weight).

Now I am coming up on 6 weeks postpartum and I am now back on Wellbutrin and my mood is getting better.  Thursday i go see my Dr. to get the "OK" that everything healed up well and I can get back to working out.  Jerry and joined Weight Watchers Online for the 10,001 time (LOL).

We now face a new challenge and it's called having a Baby.  We can't go work out together in the gym because she is to young to leave in the gym daycare and I find most of my day is spend managing feedings around cleaning the house and some how I manage to get in a shower (at some point during the day).  We have gone for a couple walks with her and that was an eye opener that I got really out of shape during this pregnancy.

GOAL 1 - Drop 25 pounds
GOAL 2 - Get back to the weight I was in June 2010
GOAL 3 - Keep on trucking and drop what I can

This was us Easter weekend
Jerry and I took pre-weight loss pictures but no way am I posting those, no way!  Here is a picture of us at the park.  I was doing my best not to show my second chin and I have cropped the photo to remove a roll.

We had to change Annabelle at the park this one shows the rolls.. LOL.


  1. rachel, i'm sending lots and lots of luck your way! you are beautiful in every single photo! i was looking at your easter photos on facebook and thought to myself, they are such a good looking family. i can relate to the miscarriages making your body feel different. i don't know if it is the hormones or a combination of everything, but since we began trying and losing, my body has just been "different"...
    i will be rooting for you, girlfriend!
    i love your dress in the first picture...and the shirt from easter is one of my favorite colors...is it from target? i'm pretty sure i almost bought it monday night! lol
    thank you so incredibly much for your kind comment earlier. it made me teary eyed. one of the nicest things anyone could say...thank you so very much <3
    i hope you jerry and annabelle have a wonderful wednesday <3

  2. My husband and I had 2 miscarriages as well. I'm only half way through my first pregnancy, and the weight gain is really freaking me out because I've already put on 18 pounds.

    I'm really enjoying your blog! It makes me feel not alone!

    1. Don't worry about 18 pounds. Honestly I never got back to my pregnancy weight after my first and it's totally my own fault. You get so caught up with the baby that you put yourself second. I know a girl due in Feb. that put on 35 pounds already. This time I have only put on 10 but I am still up 10 from before my first. I've gotten very busy and lazy at times and planning around nap time can be difficult but I am hoping after this baby I can get my body back!


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