Monday, April 9, 2012

Baby Gear Reviews

Pack N Play - Graco Pack 'n Play Portable Playard with Newborn Napper Station - Laguna Bay
  • Would I buy this again? - No
  • Why? -  The changing station does not have proper support and my daughter rolls to the left when we place her on it.  There is to much give in the changing station platform and it makes difficult to change her diaper never mind uncomfortable for her.  I will also say that getting the newborn napper off after it is on is a pain with a capital "P" my daughter spit up on it and it took me 30 minutes to get the newborn napper off the Pack N Play to wash it.
  • Is this item a must have for baby? - Yes if you have a two story home having a system like this is great to keep on the first floor for changing the baby and putting them down for a nap. 
  • Notes:  I have emailed Graco today about the changing station issue and I am waiting to hear back from them.
  • Response from Graco:   Yesterday I emailed Graco about the problem and received an email back the same day with a number to call in to correct the problem.  Today I called Graco and the rep on the phone was VERY nice and they informed me this model is designed this way to keep the baby from falling off the other side of the changing table  as a safety precaution.  The rep offered to send a pre-paid Fedex label to send back the Pack-N-Play for a full refund so we can get a new one.  I am very happy with this response and I didn't have to beg or fight with them to help me out.  Graco is A OK in my book and we will be looking at new Pack-N-Plays that will meet our needs.
Fisher-Price Infant Swing - My Little Lamb 
  • Would I buy this again? -Yes (but see below for suggestion)
  • Why? -  This swing has been great to put my little one in when she needs a nap or if she is happy but I need to free up my arms.  I would suggest spending a little more money to get one that plugs in so you don't have to worry about batteries.  We have not changed the batteries since we started using it but I wish I had paid a little more for one we could plug in.
  • Is this item a must have for baby? - Yes now that my daughter is a little bigger we use it all the time and she loves sitting in her swing because she can see what is going on and it helps when she is in need of a nap but just won't go down by laying down.
  • Notes:  N/A this has worked just fine for us.
Munchkin Steamer Bottle Warmer
  • Would I buy this again? -Yes (but see below for suggestion)
  • Why? -  This is great for warming up bottles and sanitizing pacifiers.  My one issue is the one we have you need to measure out the water for each bottle depending on how much formula is in there.  I just checked on and it seems they have a new model that has a timer and a water reserve that seems like a great improvement. 
  • Is this item a must have for baby? - Yes if you are feeding with a bottle I would suggest getting a system like this because it doesn't get the bottle to hot and it saves time.
  • Notes:  N/A works as it should just would of liked to have one with a water reserve because measuring water in the middle of the night can be tricky.

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine
  • Would I buy this again? -Yes I love this!
  • Why? -  We love the white noise it helps Annabelle fall asleep in her room and it keep the little sounds that happen in a home from waking her up.  It has lots of other sounds too and a place to hook up an mp3 player.  Love, love, love this product so much we almost got a second one for our room because once she moved over to her own room we missed having the white noise (instead we got a ion fan).
  • Is this item a must have for baby? - Yes babies are used to having sounds around them from being in the womb and I found having the white noise going helps her sleep longer in her own crib.
  • Notes:  N/A works as it should
 Graco Deluxe Travel System - Infant Car Seat and Stroller 
  • Would I buy this again? -Yes
  • Why? -  The stroller is very easy to close down with a one hand and I love being able to move the baby from the car to the stroller without waking her up by just attaching her car seat right to the stroller.  The stroller is very smooth and easy enough to push with one hand (I did this on day while holding a hand basket in a store). The car seat/carrier is a little heavy but I wouldn't if it keeps her safe I am ok with a little extra weight.
  • Is this item a must have for baby? - Yes I would say having a system like this with an infant makes going out in public so easy as my daughter just falls asleep in the car and then sleeps either in a restaurant or  while shopping as we don't have to wake her up to get her out of the car.
  • Notes:  N/A works as it should
 Skip Hop Diaper Bag
  • Would I buy this again? -Yes
  • Why? - The one I have has magnets that close the pockets making it very easy to get things out of the diaper bag.  Also the part I love is it has special clips to hook it onto the stroller making it really easy to bring the diaper bag with us and get things out of it while on the go.  This purchase was well worth the money. 
  • Is this item a must have for baby? - Yes of course you will need a diaper bag but I would say don't go cheap here and by quality this product has lots of great pockets and the magnets and stroller hooks make for an A+ product.
  • Notes:  I also have the Skip Hop changing station that I keep in the diaper bag and again this was a GREAT buy because it puts everything you need for changing the baby on the go right in one place without searching through the bag for everything. 
Stay tuned as I will be adding new reviews as I get time but for now these are some of the top ones that come to mind. 

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  1. great reviews, rachel!
    i am loving all your pictures of annabelle on facebook. she is such a pretty little girl!
    i hope that you're doing well and that you jerry and annabelle had a wonderful easter <3


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