Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Product Review #1 (VIDEO)

Annabelle is keeping me very busy during the day and I don't want to feel like I am neglecting all of you so I am going to give this Vlogging (Video Blogging) a shot, it's easier to talk and show you products then type some times.  I also wanted to show you some of the products I had talked about.

I so hate listening to myself talk and looking at my chins... LOL... For those who will be a first time mom soon I hope you find this helpful.

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  1. Aww Rachel!! I LOVED this! You are so pretty!!
    It was so neat to see you "in person!" That itzbeen looks awesome. Omygosh, I want one when the time comes! And I LOVE your bag and how handy it is. From being around friends and their babies, I know it's always helpful to have things that can clip on to the stroller!
    It's a pretty pattern too! Love the bib/burp clothes...awesome idea! Thank you so much for sharing!


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