Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jerry's Birthday Party

On Saturday we had friends over for a Birthday Party BBQ and it was so much fun.  A few people had not met Annabelle yet so they got to meet her as well.  I did a lot of work getting ready for the party.
The birthday boy and his little pumpkin


  • Tissue Paper Pom Poms handing from the ceiling over the table
  • Candy in mason jars
  • Made my own flower center pieces the night before
  • Fruit salad skewers
  • Veggies in plastic cups with the dip at the bottom for easy eating
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Quinoa Summer Veggie Salad
  • Greek Pasta Salad
  • BBQ Chicken
  • Citrus Chicken
  • Made my own Hamberg Patties
  • Hot dogs
  • Red Sangria (see on following posts) ***It was awesome**
  • I used mason jars that I spiced up with some colored scrapbooking paper and colorful straws and chalkboard labels to serve them in
  • Soda, Water, Beer
  • An AWESOME 3 layer Fudge Chocolate Brownie Cake (see my recipe on following post)  **Everyone said it was the best cake they have ever had**
  • With of course Vanilla Ice Cream

Flower Arrangement Center Pieces: Also a great gift to give your guests when they go home (in our case the last two couples that left who helped pick up I gave them each one)

  1. Oasis $2.99 each on Amazon (I made 3)
  2. Sheets of moss $16.01 on Amazon and you will have some left over
  3. Green floral wire $2.10
  4. What ever flowers you like, I got 5 packs of flowers at Walmart for $25
  5. You will need something to put under it to keep the water from running I used aluminum container lids that I cut to size and folded up the edges to keep the water in
Total Cost = $46.10 for 3 center peaces that everyone complimented

  1. Soak the Oasis per the instructions and place on what ever you are using to keep the water from running
  2. Cut the Moss and and secure to the Oasis by making pins with the wire to hold it in place
  3. Cut the flowers and stick them in the Oasis
Each will take you about 20 mins to complete (1 hr. for the 3 I made)

Mason Jar Sangria Glasses:  I called them the adult sippy cups
  1. Colorful scrapbook paper, I used only two sheets because each sheet had two colors one on each side (free if you have some around the house)
  2. Colorful straws - $5.32 (you will have enough for a several more parties)
  3. Hole punch (free if you have one)
  4. Chalk Board Labels (Optional) $9.00 - I found once the condensation kicked in chalk just came off
  5. Ball Mason jars (if you don't have them around they are about $15 for 12)
Total Cost = $29.32 for 12 glasses that your guests will think are pretty neat

  1. Cut the scrapbooking paper to fit inside the lid and then punch a hole in them making sure the hole will be to the side but not covered by the metal lid ring
  2. Stick on labels
  3. Put straws through the punched out holes on the lid
  4. Put lid on the jar
Total time will be about 20-30 mins depending on how fast you can cut and how many you need to make

We both had a great time and I loved organizing this party (it was a lot of work)

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