Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pictures of my Poor Babies Rash

This was day 2 of the viral rash it really spread over her chest and belly

This was day 3 of the rash as you can see her legs are really bad and so were her arms
Thankfully she is as good as new now and I am also thankful this was not painful for her!


  1. omygoodness, rachel, poor, poor annabelle. i am so so sorry. gosh, it must have been so tough for not only her, but for you and jerry to see her in so much pain. *big hugs and prayers*

    1. Thank you. Actually I don't think it bothered her at all. It bothered us more I think. She didn't act any different which is good but it didn't look good.

  2. Ummmm ya I would have been freaking out! The poor thing! I'm glad it is now cleared up, that is not at all what I was picturing. :(


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