Sunday, July 15, 2012

Viral Rash

Last Wednesday I woke up to find Annabelle with a rash down the left side of her face.  Her chest, belly and legs were starting to get red as well.  So I did the only sensible thing and I googled to try to figure out what it was.  She didn't have a fever and it didn't seem to bother her.  After getting no clear answer on google I called the Dr. to see if this is something we should worry about.  I was told if she doesn't have a fever and there is no bumps on the palms of her hands, soles of her feet or in her mouth it is probably just viral and it will go away after several days.   I didn't want to be the freaked out mother so I went with that.

On Thursday I got her up and the bumps on her face has cleared but now her chest, tummy, legs, neck, arms where getting worse.  She now had a target rash on her legs and red blotches all over the place.  Ok now I am the freaked out Mom.  After checking her temp again and finding no temp and again she seemed fine but to me it "LOOKED BAD".  I will show you when I get the pictures off my phone.

I called the Dr. and asked for her to be seen.  We got in for an afternoon appointment.  Even the nurse said "Wow that's a good one" so much so she said we didn't have to go to the scale until the Dr. had seen her just incase.

My poor beautiful baby!!!

The Dr. saw her and said it was defiantly a good rash that's for sure.  He said it was probably viral as her temp was normal and it didn't look like anything that would be dangerous.  As he was checking her mouth she started to cry and she did her spit thing and spit right in the Dr. face!!! I could tell he was grossed out and right after he finished checking her he went to the sink and washed his face.

They took her blood to look at the white blood cell count and to see if it was viral or bacterial.  They asked for me to take her to the scale to get weighed.  As I was walking to get her weighed, mind you she is just in a diaper and covered in a red rash a woman with her  young sun and newborn was by the scare and she looked at my baby like she was a leper (broke my heart).  But I guess I might of been worried too if it was the other way around.

She is now 13lbs 4oz, wow a jump of a half of a pound in a week!!!!

The blood work took 10 mins and the good news was, it was viral and he said it will take several days (wasn't sure how long) to clear up.

Each day she seemed to get a little better.  The rash went away as it showed up so for example we noticed on her face first and then that went away first, chest and belly and neck, then her arms and legs.

This morning (Sunday) it was pretty much all cleared up.  So from start to finish it was 5 days.

Our beautiful fair skinned baby is back.  Although she will always be beautiful to me!!


  1. Oh the poor thing! Good to hear it's clearing up tho! I probably would have went in the first time lol my husband gets annoyed with how paranoid I am (and I'm a nurse even!)

  2. aww, rachel, i'm so sorry you had to see annabelle in pain. i'm happy to hear she is feeling better and the rash is going away! <3
    sending love and prayers

    i hope you all have a wonderful week!


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