Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boxes, Envelopes and Cards Oh My...

This afternoon when I got home from our team outing at work (mini golf) I was greeted by a couple of boxes an envelope and a card.

Card:  My old collage buddy Sarah sent me the sweetest card to congratulate us on our little girl.  She also wants to come down to visit after the baby is born and I can't wait!! It will be nice to have a good friend visit and  she also offered to let me sleep and I am sure I am going to need it.  The card was so nice and so unexpected.  Sarah has always been so very thoughtful and I miss having her around.  Sarah K you rock and I can't wait to see you :-)

Boxes:  Our crib came in and is still in the box were it will probably stay for a bit.  We also got the mobile from Pottery Barn and let me tell you I think my house is to small for Pottery Barn.  I bought the large mobile thinking it just meant it had more butterflies on it not that the butterflies are hug!!  Soooooo change of plans we will hang the butterfly mobile towards the middle of the room vs. right over the crib.  This is because I have the tree decal on the wall that the crib will go and it will just be way to much going on, on that wall if I have these butterflies and the tree.  I am thinking we probably won't put a mobile on the crib (do they really need it?).

Envelope:  I had ordered a Quilt Kit from an Etsy store to have something creative to work on and the kit came in the mail today, yay!  It's a rag quilt and seems simple to put together so when I get to do it then it should go fast.

Excitement of the day:  After going to the Dr. for a blood draw on my way to work I noticed the other side of the highway was empty.  Well turns out I saw Joe Biden's motorcade driving on that side of the highway, well that explains it.  At first I thought it was Obama leaving but he left yesterday.  It's just amazing, I am glad I was not on the other side of the road because they shut that down for miles while waiting for him to go through.

Tomorrow:  The big news is I get a hair cut tomorrow afternoon after not having a haircut since because I got pregnant and it is way past due.  My hair dresser is a very busy lady so when I asked for an appointment she only had one tomorrow later in the afternoon or in Oct!!!  I can not wait till Oct. this hair is out of control and I am going on vacation next week.

Oh and one more thing, tomorrow is 17 weeks and we get another 3D ultrasound on Saturday (for free) to see if we can get a look at her little face.  Let's just hope she turns around this time.

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