Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Wait is On...

I was right, having a long weekend is making the time fly to get closer to our BIG ultrasound on Saturday.  Just think tomorrow is already Wednesday!  I am so confused on what this baby could be; at first I was convinced it was a girl but now I am leaning towards boy.  Be it a girl or a boy all I can say is IT is being good to Mommy.  The only thing I have really is being tired often, not sleeping through the night and vivid crazy dreams.  I never had morning sickness and I can eat just about all the same foods as before (though some don't sound as good as others) of course I have put on weight but that's to be expected seeing as though I wasn't sick during my first trimester.

The Weekend:  Very busy but not exciting.  We had a lot of errands to run and Jerry worked on mowing the yard and seeding while I planted the new herbs and mums we picked up from the farmers market (the last herbs we grew from a seed met a hot, no drainage, death.. OOPS!  We fixed the drainage issue so let's just see if we can keep these alive.

We tried out two new restaurants "Thai Cafe" and "Cafe Carolina" and both get two thumbs up from us.  We also checked out "Buy Buy Baby" in Durham and found we like that store better than Babies R Us, we just wish we had one a little closer to us.  "Buy Buy Baby" is owned by Bed Bath & Beyond and you so can tell from the store layout, we will defiantly be going back as it seemed to be a nicer store.

Monday was one of those days were you want to do something but you have no idea what you want to do so you end up doing nothing much at all (oh come on you know the mood I am talking about).  We tried to go to Joann's fabric to get some fabric to make a quilt but I realized I really want to know if it is a boy or a girl first. We then went up to Mellow Mushroom for dinner (love their pizza) and it was yummy!

It was also a big Rummy 500 weekend and Jerry and I seemed to take turns winning although the game last night was pathetic he beat me 520 to 10, that one was the worst game we played yet.

Jerry and I talked about starting another blog about hiking and visiting state parks and little out of the way restaurants in mostly Raleigh Durham and I think he is going to go ahead and do that.  We have so many parks and restaurants and we love both that it only make sense.  We need to get over to this place called Shelley lake to check it out as it has walking trails, park and fishing and we want to find a good place to take the baby.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Saturday is soooo close!!! It will be here in no time.

    Sidenote: I love Buy Buy Baby. They are amazing there. Graco is discontinuing a pattern I love in the pac n' play. I called to see if they had it in store and they did. I showed up and it had been sold. I was sad. The manager right then and there called Graco and ordered me one! They are so very helpful!!!

  2. That's awesome that they ordered one for you. Wish granted for me, I found a new "buy buy baby" that is opening closer to me!!! YAY!

  3. Rachel, so happy you had a nice long weekend! I totally love those kind of days sometimes! I have never heard of "buy buy baby". Wish we had one around here! All the restaurants sound awesome! Happy Thursday to you!

  4. There is one opening closer to you! How soon?! What a blessing! (Sidenote: the word verification below is "sperm" just thought I would mention that!! Ha!)

  5. There is one opening about 15 mins closer to us in a few towns over. LOL on the word verification!


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