Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Nursery Items

Yesterday Jerry and I both found some items in IKEA and online.  We had gone to IKEA to pick up the crib that matches the inspiration room which was also rated highly in our Baby Bargains book only to find out they were on recall to add a new mandated locking system.  Oh well it wasn't meant to be.

I went there with an intention on looking at the dressers they had but thinking I wouldn't find one, but it turned out that's one of the only things we purchased.  We found a nice long dresser that we will use as our changing table, but it is long enough for us to put other items on as well.  We also purchases a small matching nightstand to put next to the rocking chair.  We found a small lamp that will sit on the night stand.

After coming home a little disappointed at not having a Crib we went online to order a few things.  I finally got to (now that it is a girl) order a butterfly mobile I had been eyeing on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids.  I had also been looking for a decorative mirror to hang on the wall over the changing pad and after much searching I couldn't find exactly what I wanted but I did find a cute mirror at Pottery Barn Kids so I ordered that as well.  Jerry found a crib for the same price we had planned to spend at IKEA online at Amazon so we went ahead and ordered that and it should be here next week.

So now all we are missing of the big nursery furniture is a rocker and stool.  The one we want costs a bit so we might not get that for a few months.

Here are pictures of some of things we got:
This is the crib Jerry found, the funny thing is it looks just like one
I had sketched in my sketch of the nursery
I love this mobile and I hope little Annabelle does as well
We got the large one as we like the style better
On a day like 9/11 when so many people are missing their loved ones who were lost in such a tragic way I can't help but have a heavy heart.  I am grateful my family was not effected but I will never forget were I was when the planes hit the twin towers and I hope our Annabelle never has to experience anything like that.   May this world turn around for the sake of our children.

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