Saturday, September 10, 2011

It's a............

Today we went to prenatal peek to see if we could find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  It didn't start out to promising as I didn't have a full enough bladder so I had to go drink 4 more cups of water (oh man did I have to pee) and then our little one would not turn over or wake up at first.

Our ultrasound tech was so nice.  She tried shaking the baby to wake it up to show us the goods.  The baby would turn over for a min and then turn back.

Well I am sure you are saying "GET TO THE GOODS" well here it is we are having a GIRL!!!!!  There was no little boy parts and we saw the 3 lines.  Jerry is still in shock and I think he asked more than once if she was sure it was a girl. LOL  We got several pictures and a video.  In the video you will see some shaking and that is us shaking my belly trying to wake her up.  Several times she just buried her head in the placenta and wouldn't let us see her face on the 3D.

The video of session:

IKEA turned out to be a disappointment as they didn't have the crib because it was on a recall to put a lock in place and won't be back in the store till November.  We did get a bureau and a night stand for the babies room and a few small things.  What a long day with that long drive, but it was so much fun seeing the baby today!  Now to start to buy some PINK!!!


  1. Rachel!!! Congrats! How exciting. Now you get to go into full planning and decorating mode!!!

  2. awww rachel, YAY!! so exciting! a little girl...aww and her name is absolutely beautiful!
    i love it.
    thanks so much for sharing your video. it is amazing to see.
    hope you have a great week <3

  3. Congrats on your little pink bundle! So very exciting!! xx

  4. aww yay.. a beautiful little girl! congrats to you both! x


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